Löyly – the coolest place in Helsinki

Löyly is something you have to go and see with your own eyes. How else would you believe that there’s such a structure in Helsinki?

Löyly is in the area of Hernesaari away from the city center of Helsinki, by the waterfront. Don’t let that put you off, as you can easily get there by walking or taking a bus. Hernesaari used to be a really underdeveloped area but these days it’s very happening, especially in summer.

Now to tell you about Löyly. It was designed by architects Anu Puustinen and Ville Hara. What it took was two resilient (and maybe a bit crazy) entrepreneurs to bring the project to an end – Jasper Pääkkönen and Antero Vartia. You can see their names engraved in the wood on the left of the front door.


Now what is unique about this place is that there’s a public sauna open for all! You can find a morning sauna, a wooden sauna and a smoke sauna. It’s possible to swim in the sea too.


You can either book a private sauna for your group or go alone (or with friends) to the public sauna. Have a look on their webpage to see when the sauna is available and how to book a two hour session (19 euros/per person).


The terrace is the biggest in Finland and it’s gorgeous on a summery day.


Now what Löyly can boast with is the views.


It’s a joy watching the boats go by and people doing water sports.


The terrace has actually been built on the sea which is quite unique.


If there’s a queue inside, try the bar outside.


What I love about Löyly is how you can sit on the stairs. If you go up, you will be rewarded with even better views.



If you are hungry, no fear, there’s a restaurant with salmon soup and burgers for example.


Hernesaaren ranta – another restaurant complex can be seen in the distance there.












Now, who can spot one of the owners – Antero, in this photo below?




Stay tuned for other great places to visit in Hernesaari next week – Birgitta and Hernesaaren ranta. Check out my post of these as seen from the sea, here.

Have you been to Löyly? What were your impressions? Did you try the sauna?


30 thoughts on “Löyly – the coolest place in Helsinki

  1. Hey 🙂 random question. Could you please let me know which butter here in unsalted? For baking use. I usually had the salted one. It’s confusing when I can’t read the language 😂 thank you!

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  2. Haven’t been there even if all I hear is good things. Somehow I feel it’s too expensive for me because I can go to sauna at home 😀 the photos you took are very beautiful! 🙂

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