Thursday Doors

I love the Thursday Doors challenge! It gives me an opportunity to look at Helsinki differently. I like this door to what I think is a tailor’s shop because of the relaxed men having a morning coffee in front of it.

Next to their shop, is the Thai Embassy. Any door looks grand with the Embassy logo above it.


The same door from inside. I love these old stairways. To think of all the people who have walked these stairs in the years. The Embassy is on a street called Bulevardi. It was a high end street with expensive apartments even back in the day.


This door is from inside the Embassy.


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10 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

    1. Thank you Jean – I must say they looked very relaxed and I think I’ve seen them before when their shop was in a different location. So it must be a summer morning thing before starting their work 😀

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  1. That embassy entrance door is beautiful. I’m surprised to see that they let you photograph inside the embassy though – most of them are quite sensitive about this for security reasons.

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