Saturday Statues

This week’s statue takes you to the district of Tapiola in Espoo, Finland. Tapiola was built around the 1950s and was then known as the Garden City. Unfortunately it has lost a lot of it’s charm but with the metro arriving there soon, hopefully it will become a livelier place again.

Heikki Konttinen’s Bride is actually quite humorous. At the time it some people thought of it as indecent and chauvinistic! I would just think it’s cute and also it went well with the era of Tapiola growing and young couples moving there to start family life. I read that Konttinen’s wife Marjatta remarked that for the artist “Tapiola was a garden city by the sea, fair as a sea bride, born of the sea, a Venus among towns”.


Saturday Statues is a weekly feature where bloggers from around the world can share the interesting statues they have stumbled upon. Please join me by sharing your own Saturday Statues post via the link-up button. Make sure you share the exact post, not your homepage! The linkup is open from Saturday morning to Friday evening Central European Time. If you share your posts on Twitter and Instagram remember to use the #saturdaystatues hashtag! It would also be a nice touch to visit some of the posts shared by others.

What are your thoughts on this statue? Do join me with your statue posts!


14 thoughts on “Saturday Statues

    1. Heheh, I love your first interpretation of it. If it was by the seaside, then it would be exactly that 💕💕 Tapiola is near the sea but known as the Garden City.

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        1. Yes I can see that you might think that! There are a thousand lakes in Finland though and there’s lots of coastline too, so in a way you are correct 😀

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