Thursday Doors

Porvoo, a quaint town in Finland has doors to please everyone. Here’s just a handful.

A door to the Porvoo congregation’s offices. In Finland we have two state churches – the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and the Finnish Orthodox Church. This door is for the Lutheran Church’s offices.


Porvoo has a charming Old Town. The next few doors are from there.


All these doors have little shops behind them.


It does look welcoming doesn’t it!


I like the way they put a little basket outside this door.


The street sign – beware of elks – is actually a real one. Not for this part of Porvoo but driving in Finland you will see these signs aplenty. And as you move onto Lapland, there will be signs like this with a reindeer on them. This door seems to have two parts to it.


The entrance door is on the porch but what is that little yellow door? Somewhere supplies were stored in the old days?


There were several doors like this around the house.


Black doors.


And last, by the riverside, there were some kind of display going on. So here’s a door to a truck.


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16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. The 2nd door is quite different … that unusual half ring is something I’ve never seen before.

    … but the 4th door is my favourite photo though. They look like small little shutter type doors and very inviting. Maybe it’s the little hanging baskets on each door 🙂

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    1. I guess the half ring is for grabbing to open the door, as it seems to be attached to the door, so it can’t be a knocker either.. I love shutter type doors!

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  2. Wonderful photos! I love Porvoo also and have visited there numerous times. Finland is full of beautiful “old towns” which are worth for a visit. Some are well known, some not, some are overrated and some are quite unknown. Have a wonderful day!

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