Saturday Statues

This week we return to Sofia, Bulgaria. There is one statue above all in the city and that is the Statue of Sveta Sofia.

Sveta Sofia means Saint Sofia. It was erected in 2000. What is interesting about it’s location is that the statue of Lenin used to occupy it.

Bulgaria 134

These pictures were taken on two different trips to Sofia, hence the snow in one and the t-shirts in the other!


The Sveta Sofia is wearing a symbol of power – the crown. You can also find the symbol of  fame in the wreath she is holding and wisdom – the owl resting on her arm. Apparently, the crown is also a reference to the Goddess of Fate – Tjuhe. It was inspired by the old emblem of Sofia dating back to 1900.

Bulgaria 162

I would rather look at this beautiful statue instead of Lenin, wouldn’t you?

Saturday Statues is a weekly feature where bloggers from around the world can share the interesting statues they have stumbled upon. Please join me by sharing your own Saturday Statues post via the link-up button. Make sure you share the exact post, not your homepage! The linkup is open from Saturday morning to Friday evening Central European Time. If you share your posts on Twitter and Instagram remember to use the #saturdaystatues hashtag! It would also be a nice touch to visit some of the posts shared by others.

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16 thoughts on “Saturday Statues

  1. For some reason, I have never warmed to this statue (though of course much prefer it to any of Lenin). For oddness, you might want to take a look at the statue/sculpture of Stefan Stambolov. His giant head, nearly cut in two, sits in the Crystal Garden bordered by Rakovski Street, Tzar Osvoboditel Boulevard, and Sixth September Street – not far from the Alexander Nevski Cathedral. Stambolov was brutally assassinated ( Stambolov might have preferred to be remembered in life rather than gory death, but he didn’t get a vote.

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  2. Hi Suvi—-How are you? Today is our last full day in Helsinki—wonderful city!! Staying at the Klaus K Hotel. Now regarding statues in Helsinki, it seems like the most frequent statue is nude women. lol

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    1. Hi there! Good to hear that you have enjoyed your stay in Helsinki. I just got back yesterday from Estonia, where we were sailing on a bit. 😀


          1. Suvi—Finland is a wonderful country–geography and people! Right now staying with my friend’s son’s in-laws in Jyvaskyla—some great lakes around here. Would love to visit your are Suvi. 🙂

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