Cherry on Top

After a long leg of sailing, finally docking into the harbour of Lohusalu in Estonia, we heard Kim Wilde doing a soundcheck at the stage next to the marina. We soon learned that as marina guests, we were entitled to free tickets to the night’s concert. But alas – this was not the cherry on top.

As the concert was finishing, the sun started setting and the sky turned pink. Nature gave the 80’s star the perfect ending to the evening as the audience on land and on sea was left oohing and aahing the evening sky.


If you like linkups and challenges, check out my Saturday Statues challenge, I’d love to see you there!


17 thoughts on “Cherry on Top

    1. Thank you Emily ❤ It sure was – we were lucky with the weather too, as the next day was quite rainy!! An outdoor concert is at it's best on a summery sunny evening 😛

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    1. Thank you dear Marion – we actually thought the concert was going to be on Saturday, not the Thursday that we arrived. So it sure was a positive surprise to hear Kim Wilde’s voice when docking! 🙂

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