Thursday Doors – Villa Doors

On our sailing trip we spent a few nights in the delightful seaside town, Hanko. The town is known for its’ many old and gorgeous villas, so as a door fanatic, I had to capture some for you to see. The yellow villa has doors with small details, looks quite pretty.

This blue coloring seems strange for this door, as there’s nothing blue around the villa at all. I might have opted for green instead but maybe it was too of an obvious choice!


These two doors are quite modern, the grey goes beautifully with the light yellow of the villa. I love the balcony too.


This villa’s door is quite a disappointment frankly – plain white with nothing special about it!


This door has glass windows and curtains to cover the view inside.


I love patios and patio doors.


Wouldn’t you agree that this is the most inviting door of this lot?


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26 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Villa Doors

  1. Each of them has something interesting to offer. On a second view, I noticed the large initials on the building of the 2nd photo – SG?
    My favourite is the last one though. The detailing around the windows of the veranda and under the roof peak give it a unique look.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and visiting my blog. I would love to pop into those villas, think of the lucky people who have them as summer houses! Although I don’t know how fun it is to have tourist stare at them all through summer and take photos 😉

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    1. Thank you Janet – yes you are right, the painting job must be a pain! I once had to paint a little bit of a fence and was surprised how long it took for such a small area, yikes!


    1. Wow, sounds like a great place. I just googled it and to my dismay I was just right next to Reposaari but had never heard of it before! Well, there’s always a next time and I read that one can visit there by boat too.

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