Mount Monserrate, Bogota

I have been very lucky that my work has taken me to countries I would most likely have never thought of visiting otherwise. One of these places is Colombia in South America.

It’s been many years since I was there but what I can never forget the beautiful views of Bogota from the Mount Monserrate.

Kolumbia 2009 177

It’s easy to get to the teleférico/funicular station by taxi. I have understood that there is a pathway to get to the top as well but we bought return tickets for the teleférico.

Kolumbia 2009 179

You should try to time your visit on a clear day, as naturally the views will then be at their best. Be prepared that the change in altitude may make you feel dizzy and sometimes even sickly. The top is at 3125 meters, so it’s no wonder if you feel it!

Kolumbia 2009 197

There is also a small church but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Apparently it’s an important church for the Colombians though and many go there on a pilgrimage.

Kolumbia 2009 199

The view of Bogota is absolutely breathtaking.

Kolumbia 2009 191

Mount Monserrate is definitely something you should do when in Bogota – I would say, it’s a must-see – so prioritize a visit there! If I were to ever go again, I would go in the evening, to see Bogota light up.

Kolumbia 2009 201

Have you ever been to Colombia?


20 thoughts on “Mount Monserrate, Bogota

      1. The salt cathedral which is about an hour away and the botero museum in bogota! That area is lovely. On top of that on my last trip I suffered from severe food poisoning on a flight from Medellin to bogota and spent my two days off crying in the bathroom 😂 lol! Next time!

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        1. Oh no, food poisoning on a flight – that is something I hope to never experience! The sights you saw sound great, it was a pity we only had a short stay in Bogota. Our time was mostly spent sitting in meetings 😦

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          1. Oh, yeah, I do not wish that upon anyone. The girl I hired to work on Colombia with me was about to take me to the hospital but I’m stubborn, lol.

            Really is such a first world pain, to travel to these beautiful destinations just to sit in a board room meeting!!

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  1. Such a lovely place Suvi! I have a friend from Colombia, yet he is from the second biggest city there: Medellin. He always invites me to visit. I also heard that Colombia is the happiest nation in the world, can you confirm that? 🙂 BTW, I wish I had a job that lets me travel so much, but so far I am not really successful 😦

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    1. Oh Adam, you should go, Medellin is gorgeous. It’s definitely worth going there! The Colombians I met were all very happy to be Colombians, so that much is true 😊 Sadly my work trips are over too but I have many great memories!

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    1. Colombia is the only place I’ve been and even there would be so much to explore 😊 For example Cartagena is said to be a gorgeous colonial beach destination.


    1. Colombia was considered a very dangerous travel destination in the past. I have understood that it’s safer now but of course one has to always be a little cautious. Great with your son getting to know a Colombian in London!! 😊

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