Thursday doors – Seinäjoki doors

Funnily enough, on our road trip to Seinäjoki, I was constantly on the lookout for doors for Norm’s Thursday Doors photo challenge. Anyone who has taken part in this challenge knows what I’m talking about – you can never go anywhere anymore without checking out the doors!

I don’t know what it is about this red door below but it brings back memories from childhood. I guess it must be quite an old door then! Anyone of my Finnish readers get the same kind of vibes?


This house has such a tiny door.


Here’s a door to a flea market – it’s “kirppis” in Finnish. Don’t confuse it with “kippis” which means cheers.


Seinäjoki has some fancy doors too.


This may be a play house or a shed for storage. Or maybe both as there’s two doors.


Several doors to be spotted in this photo.


The blue door reminds me of the villa doors in Hanko.


Now this whole building was very strange, it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and these pillars are very unlike Finnish architecture. The door is unique too.


Weird stuff in Seinäjoki – I would not have imagined that I’d see a windmill there either. Windmills have doors too, I like this yellow one.


Out of all these doors, my favourite is this lone door leading nowhere. It was obviously a decoration, not abandoned, as it was near a pub entrance. I think I recall the host of this challenge liking doors with bikes, so Norm, I hope you like this one!


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17 thoughts on “Thursday doors – Seinäjoki doors

  1. Thanks for making me smile. It’s true, once you start noticing doors it’s almost impossible to stop 😀
    The windmill shot and the red door with the columns are my two favorites 🙂

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    1. Thanks Norm, much appreciated! The red door with the columns is such a strange sight, sadly I can’t find any information on who owns it or why it has been built that way!

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  2. Did you notice that you travelled by a time machine, all the photos must be taken 50 years ago :-).
    The windmills are great. We have seen very many windmills at Pohjanmaa, small and big ones, and we don’t know the reason, why they have them on their yards.

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    1. Hehhe, yes you are right! Seinäjoki seems to be frozen in time 😉 Well, at least in my photos. How interesting to learn about the Pohjanmaa windmills, I never knew that!

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  3. {gasp} Any post that includes a windmill will get an automatic *love* from me ❤

    The photo before it however is interesting. This looks like a very grand structure – the massive columns, the large ornate door – but the entrance is odd. It's just a big stone for a step. I wonder if this is deliberate or if the front is simply not finished yet.

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  4. Love your doors . . . . . I can’t decide is my favourite is the one by the bikes or the windmill one. And that tiny door is almost invisible because of its size and colour!

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