May I ask what your favourite morningΒ would be like?

Perhaps it would be waking up in a luxurious hotel in Bangkok and watching the morning traffic outside your window before sauntering down for breakfast?


Or…. a refreshing morning swim at the hotel pool in Kuala Lumpur before a bout of shopping?

Kuala Lumpur 09 038

Or…. joining a friend who you’ve last seen 15 years ago for breakfast at a hostel in Istanbul before going off sightseeing together?


Or…. walking the streets of Porvoo on a summery morning before the hoards of tourists fill the narrow streets?


Or… a busy morning at Notting Hill Market together with your childhood friend and her family? Including a stop at Hummingbird Bakery of course.


Or…. a quiet morning in the Finnish archipelago sipping coffee and reading magazines on a sailing boat?


Oh yes, as you can guess, any one of these would be the perfect morning for me.



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