Thursday doors – Cambridge

Take a stroll with me in Cambridge and have a look at some random doors.

A gorgeous dark blue door on the left – an antique shop’s door on the right.


The green door of The Malting House. This building serves as student accommodation for the Darwin College but it has an interesting history. In the 1830s it housed a brewery owned by the Beales family. The Trinity college Dean bought the house in 1909 and converted it into an Arts & Crafts house. In the 1920s it housed an experimental school – The Malting House School run by Geoffrey Pyke and Susan Isaacs. The curriculum was like no other – children had more freedom and were encouraged to find their own interests to study. It was more of a learning by doing kind of thing in relative freedom, quite unheard of back in the day. The idea was that children would become more active, curious, creative, exploratory and inventive than in an ordinary school.


Another blue door with quite a silly looking canopy over it.


How about a pint before we continue our stroll? Go on in to The Punter from the brown door. It used to be an old coaching house – a building built to house horse drawn carriages. Now you can get your traditional fish and chips there.


A little lane with three doors.


Maybe some flowers to end the day? Hmm.. perhaps The Flower House is closed after all.


You might be wondering where are all the wonderful Cambridge University doors? Well, all those gorgeous buildings are being saved up for separate posts. Here’s a clue for next Monday’s post. Can you guess which college’s courtyard lies behind this door?


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20 thoughts on “Thursday doors – Cambridge

  1. Oh, how pretty it looks! Especially love the first pic, the shade of blue is so cute. I’m always confused as to whether I’ve visited Cambridge. I know I’ve been either there or to Oxford but I just can’t remember which (it was a day trip). Maybe it was Oxford though… it was very pretty, that I remember!!

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    1. Heheh, I can just imagine! I remember visiting (or vaguely remember, I was quite young see, LOL) Oxford and my impressions are that they are very similar. But I should now visit Oxford to make sure 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Jean, you should try to definitely try to go to Cambridge! Just beware the hoards of tourists roaming the main streets 😛 And then maybe pop into one of the cafés for an afternoon tea!

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