Fun at Kiasma

You might not associate fun with contemporary art. Well, this post is to prove you wrong! You see, last week’s visit to Helsinki’s modern art museum, Kiasma, was just that.

Kiasma has an airy front hall, where you can sit down for a breather or arrange to meet your friend/s, like I did. You might even want to browse at the museum shop – I find that these shops always stock really original things suitable as presents. Interesting fact: admission to the museum is free every first Friday of the month.


We decided to do the 5th floor first. There we found Brazilian Ernesto Neto’s installations which were inspired by the Huni Kuin, one of the indigenous tribes living in the Amazon rainforest. Look at the bench there – it’s a giant jigsaw puzzle of a boa constrictor! Despsite the thought of a snake, the bench looked very inviting so we sat down for a chat and saw many other people doing so too.


The installation below has also been inspired by a boa’s head. Above the netted and woven hut there’s a colorful canopy. The green hut on the left of the boa’s head is a healing house.


The inside of the big hut is really cozy. There’s plush carpeting and seats for you to relax on. Instruments to play too! The Huni Kuin continue to fight for their land rights and the preservation of their culture, so it’s quite wonderful that Neto is making their voices heard this way.


We then proceeded to have a look at the exhibit Conversation in Pieces. I’d say this ventriloquist’s dummy is kind of spooky. The dummy has the face of the artist, Jani Ruscica. It’s made by Timothy Selberg who custom makes these kinds of things from photographs.


Next up, Kiasma’s Collection Exhibit. Below you can see Jouna Karsi’s scale model Ostrobothnia. This looks like a typical Finnish road with roadsigns and a barn on the right side.


But walk to the other side and peek in the barn – an extravagant, flowery sight greets you. So cool!


Then – Babylon – by Danish Christian Skeel and Morten Skriver. Babylon consists of 29 vases in a row which all have a different scent inside them. On top of each is a little cardboard card which you pick up and take a wiff of. We went through them all! The one in the centre combined every one of the scents and was quite interesting – okay, it was sort of disgusting but not as bad as I expected. It’s fun how scents trigger memories buried deep inside us. My favourite was lemongrass – it’s a beautiful scent but also it reminds me of South East Asia. Be warned, some of the scents are quite awful!


And finally – to the best and most colorful exhibit – Korean Choi Jeong Hwa’s Happy Together. I loved the Flower Chandelier – it was in constant motion. The little baby with her daddy seemed to enjoy it too.


Cosmos (We are all flowers) – I adore this jumble of plastic beads on string. I’ve always loved those curtains out of the same material which jingle when you walk past.


My friend Laura marvelling at the beauty of Happy Happy.


How can everyday domestic objects like these look so wonderful? I loved how you could walk inside this one.


I love how these two rooms are such huge contrasts to each other. Color and darkness.


You can’t deny that this little piggy isn’t cute? The inflating pink piggy is called Love Me and it really is quite loveable isn’t it?


As you are leaving, leave your mark on the fun guest book in the hall – just press your hand against it!


Have you been to Kiasma? What is your idea of contemporary art?


32 thoughts on “Fun at Kiasma

  1. Wow, I’d love to visit there, it’s so colourful.
    Our favourite is definitely the pig. My daughters favourite animal, I think she would enjoy having that in her room!

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    1. The piggy was such a surprise, I hadn’t seen any photos of it before going to the exhibit. So imagine turning a corner and seeing it! It would have to be a mini version to fit it in your daughter’s room, this one was HUGE 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you have the chance to go one day. I wasn’t into museums when I was younger but now I love them 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!


  2. Thank you for such colourful and positive take on modern art. My daughter and I have been to MOMA (Australian version) not so long ago… came back depressed. But your photos are so encouraging… encourage to give modern art another chance. Thank you

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Snow Queen! I am happy if you will give modern art another chance after this! I too have experienced the depressing undertones of art but these exhibits really are very positive 🙂

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  3. I like Kiasma, it’s different. Some of works are still carbage, but there’s much fun things. You can also be part of the art sometimes (like write or test some things or something like that).

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    1. Oh yes, I really like it when you can be part of the art. That’s what was so fun about Neto’s huts, you could go in and be part of it. Ateneum has also started to have some activities for museum goers, this is a great development. Thank you for visiting and commenting!


  4. Lovely post full with interesting things. Among them my favorite is – Flower Chandelier. When looking at Cosmos, I got the mental image of the ropes of some Tall Ships. Although Contemporary art seems to be great, my favorite art is ITE-art, but it is presented outdoors, not indoors and made by amateurs.

    Happy Sunday!

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    1. Thank you Matti, I must say the Flower Chandelier was very cute and creative! Yes, you’re right outdoor art is awesome, I would love to see the statue park in Parikkala – I assume it’s also ITE-art 🙂 Happy Sunday to you too!

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