In search of tea in London

I have to admit, I am quite obsessed with tea. Black tea to be exact. In the past, I have also been obsessed with nailpolish and eyeshadow. What these kinds of obsessions cause, is a compulsory need to aquire a huge stash of said product. My current tea obsession fit well with my trip to London, as quality tea shops are aplenty there!

Before leaving for London, I did a research online of the different tea brands available and mapped out the shops I wanted to visit.

The first shop I went to was Postcard Teas. They have many different kinds of tea in cute boxes that you can send as postcards. Wouldn’t it be a lovely surprise to get such a box in the mail? Even thought the idea is very cute and Postcard Teas looks very inviting on the outisde, the shop in itself did not call out to me to linger. I also didn’t feel comfortable taking photos there. The decor is Japanese style, very simplified, nothing extra. I left quite quickly with only one package of tea with me.


Next, I walked to The East India Tea Company. The ladies by the door had a tasting of tea and biscuits going on. They found my idea of taking a photo of them hilarious, LOL!


I really loved the decor inside and the way I was greeted when I walked in. I was able to taste some tea as I browsed around. I spent quite a long time there, I must admit.


The gentleman serving me asked what kind of tea I like and then had some recommendations. I got really excited about their salty caramel biscuits too. I brought some to work and everyone loved them. Their white chocolate covered strawberries are divine. There would’ve even been ice cream.


With bags full of tea and biscuits, I then navigated towards Whittard of Chelsea on Regent Street.


Once again, I was spoilt for choice.


Alice in Wonderland cups!


After Whittards, my hands were already aching from the weight of my bags but I decided to brave it and go to Fortnum & Mason.


It was a mistake to go there so late in the day, as the shop was filled with people and the easiest task of picking up tea and placing it in my basket seemed too much. I didn’t even have the energy to take photos. I did manage to grab some of my favourite teas and more biscuits.


Thankfully I discovered Green Park just across the corner for a breather.


As I had a dinner date, I could not linger. Next time I want to take a closer look at this park and also visit the Buckingham Gardens.


People were out and about enjoying the sun. I love London’s parks!


As I was writing this, I suddenly realized there was one more tea shop I went to. It was at Borough Market and called TEA2YOU.


They bring you the finest tea varieties straight from the teaplantations in India. I bought their House Blend. I only noticed later that it’s perfect for milk tea which I hate. But I will have to try it plain and see how that goes.


Many people had a tea to go.


I must say I was quite amazed how many packets of tea I bought in the end. But I have now been busy drinking them, so they are not going to last forever even though you may think so. So far, my favourite has turned out to be Whittard’s Picadilly Blend.

I had to leave Twinings and Harrods out of my shopping spree. Twinings because I simply don’t like their tea. And Harrods because frankly, 17 packets of tea (I got two as presents mind you) has to be enough, wouldn’t you agree? Gatwick has a nice Harrod’s shop and I have to tell the truth – I almost bought a few more packets there but then decided to use the money on a cute Cath Kidston make-up bag. However much I adore tea, I think that this time it was money better spent.

Do you enjoy tea? Which kind do you prefer?


23 thoughts on “In search of tea in London

  1. Great post, thank you! Sorry I didn’t find it before my trip, got home just three days ago!
    I did visit Wittard of Chelsea, and wasn’t it their Picadilly blend us three girls loved best, too? So clean and tasty, but not too flowery.
    On my wishlist is the white and purple rabbit cup, I’m late, I’m late.. ♥️♦️♣️♠️

    Will come back to your post next time I’ll visit my niece.. whenever that may be.

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    1. Thanks for reading, lucky you to have visited London ❤ I miss it so much! And the tea. Right now I'm into Cornish Tea and their Smuggler's Blend. I managed to order some to Finland too but there were some setbacks as the first package got lost! Wishing you a happy week 🙂


  2. A lovely spree you had indeed! Years ago sister hooked me up on black tea with lemon and honey and I’m sticking to it. I’m not very particular about brands, but I’ve noticed that some supermarket-bought Italian tea is super nap-inducing! I can barely think afterwards unless I have a nap. Wondering why that can be…

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    1. That’s strange! Is it black tea? I’ve seen tea which is meant to help you sleep better but it’s never black. Or maybe you’ve just had a heavy meal before your tea or sugary bun and it’s the aftermath of a carbs or sugar high?

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      1. It is very strange, especially since in the past I always felt even more invigorated and fresh after black tea than after coffee! But here in Italy I’ve tried a few black teas from a supermarket (probably Italian brands) and it happens often: as if my brain draws a blank! It’s disturbing! And I only sweeten moderately and only with honey.

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    1. England is a great place for a tea adventure that’s for sure! I would love to visit Sri Lanka too and the tea plantations there 🙂 xx


  3. I love your tea adventure!
    Sometimes when I am in a store or restaurant, I also feel uncomfortable taking photos, such as you did in Postcard Teas (although the photo of the outside is divine!). What do you do in those situations I find that sometimes, to my disappointment, I scratch an entire blog post because I was too shy to take pictures.

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    1. I guess we should just brave it and ask if we could take photos. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, in the end it’s free publicity for them anyway! But I always feel so silly asking 😛 Let’s try it next time!

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  4. Wow, what a nice post and nice tea walk you had! It’s been too long since my visit to London so this won’t make my travel fever any better 🙂 I always bring a looooot of tea from my trips and I think that money is well spent!

    I love strong black english teas and I always drink it with milk. Two cups in the morning, then green in the afternoon…

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    1. How lovely of you to visit my blog and perhaps get inspired for a London visit 👏😅 And I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only crazy person who packs their suitcase to the brim with tea! 😂


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