Thursday Doors – Island Doors

This summer I met up with Katy from TravelTeachLove when she visited Helsinki. We did some island hopping together and I captured a few doors in the process.

First up, Vallisaari. Vallisaari is a former military island which only just opened to the public this year. This door doesn’t look that welcoming.


Neither does this one and the pathway is covered with plants anyway.


Now this looks better but there was a string in front of the house so tourists will understand to keep away.


Let’s change islands now. Off to Suomenlinna we go. Notice the door on the boat. A lady with a beautiful flower wreath adorning her head there too.


Suomenlinna island is quite unique as there’s a community of around 900 people living on the island and it’s an UNESCO World Heritage site.


Who lives here? A hobbit perhaps?


This has to be my favourite door of the lot.


Last we got a bit lost and found ourselves in a courtyard which was clearly not the way to our ferry. It was best to get out of there quick, we didn’t want to anger the locals!


Have you been to either of these islands?

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22 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Island Doors

    1. Well I don’t think they’d be angry but quite annoyed as in summer many tourists don’t know their boundaries and trespass on private lawns and so on! In winter the island is very quiet but in summer it’s bustling with tourists 😊

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    1. Yes Janet, it’s so much fun meeting fellow bloggers πŸ™‚ I have a feeling Katy will be back in Finland soon! Thank you for reading ❀


    1. Hi there! The Suomenlinna ferry goes on all year round as there are people living there who need it to go on with their lives even in winter πŸ˜‰ Vallisaari you can still do till the 4th Sept on weekdays and on weekends JT-Line goes on till the 18th Sept. I hope you make it! πŸ˜€


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