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If we were having coffee, I would ask you to meet me at a café as our apartment is such a mess after what I call pre-move cleaning. There’s all kinds of unwanted stuff in our living room which someone (me?) should take out to charity, etc. – you don’t want to see it, believe me!

If we were having coffee, I’d probably first vent about the problems I’ve been having with WordPress! I try to schedule posts but instead they publish immediately. This of course means that notifications are sent to those who follow my blog via email. My sincere apologies to all of you for spamming your inbox, I am really trying my best to get this fixed.

What have you been up to this week? I’ve had a busy week as always. On Friday I went shopping with my mom to check out the newest wing at the Iso Omena mall in Espoo. It will soon be the second largest mall in Finland but first we will have to wait for the second phase to open. I’m already pleased for what it offers now. For example, there are some interesting new interior design stores there.


On Saturday I spent some time with my daughter. She’s been so busy lately that I hardly see her. I guess it’s part of growing up but it does take some getting used to! We went to the International Food Market in Helsinki for some Malaysian fare. The Market had many different vendors from all over the world but it was actually organized by the Finland-Malaysia Association. Naturally for us, the Malaysian tent was the one that enticed us the most.


It was pouring with rain! And of course it turned out that the two umbrellas I carried all the way there for us were both broken.


I was crushed that the curry puffs were sold out. I was really looking forward to getting loads. The Malaysian tent was so lively – it’s always great to talk to Malaysians – so friendly and fun!


We got all our food take away as that way we could have more, LOL! Besides, it was raining so heavily that eating outside would have been an ordeal. We got two different types of nasi lemak (should’ve only gone for the original), chicken rendang (so good) and some Vietnamese summer rolls from another tent.


Despite the rain, we decided to have some bubble tea before going back home to taste our goodies.


On Sunday after the morning rains were over, hubby and I went sailing. We went all the way to Helsinki which took ages. I’m used to going there in 30 minutes by motorboat so this too takes some getting used to.


On the way back, we did catch a gorgeous sunset once again.


I had earlier decided to take Monday off work and what a great idea that was! It was also our son’s last day of summer holidays so we spent some time together, going on a walk and out for lunch. We had some pasta at Makaronitehdas in Iso Omena. The restaurant originates from the seaside town Hanko, the same way as as Hanko Sushi. The carbonara was great but the portion was so huge that we had to get the rest to go.


Hopefully Monday wasn’t the last warm day we’re going to have this August. I was overjoyed to wear shorts and hope there will still be warm days to do that.

On Tuesday I met Stephanie from Malaysian in Europe and her friend Rob to check out the Koff pub tram. It’s called Spårakoff and in case you are wondering they serve all kinds of drinks there, not just beer.


I was pleasantly surprised. For some reason I thought that it would be awful and full of drunk people. The reality is that the tour takes around one hour, so it’s not even possible to drink loads in that time! It was great meeting up with Stephanie as she’s moving back to Germany this weekend. How sad, we only just met. Rob was great fun too! He’s just been on an amazing trip to Peru but doesn’t blog unfortunately. I think he’d have a lot of fun stories to tell – he’s from the UK but lives in Finland and Finns love to read about what foreigners think of our country. LOL! How about it Rob – Englishman in Helsinki?


The tram tour costs 10 euros, which meant that most of the people on the tram were tourists. This tram has been operating for 21 years, so it was high time I tried it. I recommend it to other Finns who haven’t been. You can even rent it for a private event if you like. We took the five o’clock tram and it was full. It’s a good idea to arrive around 15 minutes before departure so that you get a seat.


After our tour we went to Momo Toko which again was a pleasant surprise, I loved my teryaki chicken and will definitely be returning. They have great looking ramen dishes too.


Rob had to go back to work after dinner, so Stephanie joined me for some umbrella shopping and we went for a peek at the Torni Ateljee Bar which boasts great views. As it was quite rainy only one balcony was open but we managed some photos and a visit to the ladies’ toilet. You might think it strange that I would mention a visit to the restroom but Torni’s one is very unique as it has a view! Go and see for yourself.


After some mango-ginger frapinos at Espresso House it was time to call it a night.

IMG_20160816_200144 (1)

On Thursday hubby and I went to a concert at Hernesaaren Ranta. All Finns know the band but if you’re not a Finn it’s not really going to ring any bells – Eppu Normaali. They sing in Finnish. Unfortunately this private booth below wasn’t for us!


But guess what I finally got to taste?!


Hahah, you can see from my face that I was very pleased. Yes, Cone’s! I had a crepe called Fruit Cocktail. It had chocolate sauce, whipped cream, bananas, strawberries and kiwi inside. Do I need to tell you it was delicious?


The concert was fun but not as good as I expected. At the end it started raining, it was quite funny when everyone rushed to put their raincoats on and were dancing in the process. Thank goodness I was wearing my sailing jacket. I even had a wooly hat and gloves with me which came in very handy as it was freezing. What I liked about the concert was that it started at 8 pm so we were home before 11 pm. Yes, you appreciate things like this after you turn 40!


By the way, before it’s your turn to tell me your news, I must mention that I’ve been quite obsessed with oatmeal for a few weeks now. Yes, you heard right, oatmeal. A shop near my office, Anton & Anton, has take-away oatmeal with really great toppings. For example strawberry with rhubarb, blackcurrant compote or apple sauce. Or mascarpone with lingonberries. Mmmm.. it’s so good. If you ever go, my advice is to choose two different toppings. At least.


The shop is very cute all in all and you can usually get pulled oats (new trending veggie food) there too on Mondays. As it’s a gourmet shop, it’s quite expensive. You’ll be sure to find all kinds of specialities there though.


How are you? Join the weekend coffee share community at Diana’s blog with your own post or drop me a line in the comments below. If you like linkups and challenges, you’re welcome to check out my Saturday Statues challenge and join in.

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28 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Hi Suvi,
    I always love reading your coffee shares and how I wished I could be joining you trying out all those drinks and meals. I had sweet potato falafel last week at my cousin’s restaurant in Newcastle. It came with a great salad too but I couldn’t tell you what was in it but I felt great eating it. We met up with our daughter near the Opera House on Monday night for her dinner break. I had arrived early and had seen so many wonderful cafes with exquisite cakes but she wanted to go to Starbucks. She loves the place. My husband and I can’t stand it. He hates American coffee and the cakes were very average. Our carrot cake was stale and I sent it back and the cheesecake was good..as was my hot chocolate. We ended up stopping off at the Guylian Chocolate cafe and bought an exquisite chocolate dome cake with mouse inside. Why didn’t she want to go there? Anyway, it was her day. We did as we were told.
    Speaking of the weather, I thought Spring was here and was thinking about parting with my woolens and then we had another cold snap, which had to hit on the day of my daughter’s Opera House performance. It was freezing and pouring with rain and we were standing outside the Ugg Shop which makes sheepskin products and I was sorely tempted to rob the place. I ended up photographing a very warm coat in the window.
    Anyway, I’d better get off to bed.
    xx Rowena

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh Ugg Shop, I love those warm boots even they might not be the most beautiful. Mine are Emu’s though and I just noticed they have free international shipping again, yay! Hehe, I understand how you feel about Starbucks, I can’t stomach their coffee but on a warm day the Frappucinos are great! Saying that, a Swedish café, Espresso House, has even better ones 😀 The falafel sounds delish 😍 Take care Rowena! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to hear that I was not imagining WordPress acting up! Oh yes I have seen this restaurant but have never been. I have to remember it next time when in the area, as I usually go for Onda or Lemongrass when there. 😜 Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah wish I had the bubble tea! the shop that used to sell them in Central Railway Station closed few months ago 😦 Anyway love this post! My face is obviously pinkish haha. Thank you for such wonderful memories ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe you can find a place for bubble tea in Germany! I remember having it in Berlin once 💕 Hope to catch up you again somewhere someday 😍


    1. I do love bubble tea! But it’s not very common to find it here, so it’s best to get it when you come upon it. Happy weekend Lisa xx


  3. Oh! You went to the food fair! We were planning to but we were soaked after running the marathon in the rain that Saturday that it didn’t feel so pleasant to be sweaty and wet. So we went to grab a quick pizza (boo) and went home to sauna and wash. There will be a next one in September, I’ll share when I know when it’s going to be held :).

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    1. Heheh, I guess you can experience Helsinki in so many different ways 😛 I’m not sure where you can find bubble tea in Finland except markets like this. There used to be a place at the Railway Station but I think it closed down 😦 You have to go to Bangkok 😛 Happy weekend Snow xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh yes, hopefully the metro will be working by that time and Phase 2 will be open too 😛 I’m sorry to say I think I’ll be going to Iso Omena from now on instead of Tapiola. Also, it’s a 5 min drive from our new house! Happy weekend Marion xx

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