Saturday Statues – Hanko style

When seeing photos of Hanko, you would imagine the sun always shines there. On our visit the sun was accompanied by an infernal wind which these photos don’t capture. Never mind the wind though, I was on a mission to find statues!

This gorgeous lady with her bike is actually enjoying the boisterous weather with her eyes closed. The statue is called Wind from the Ocean (Tuuli mereltä) and it’s by Rafael Saifulin. I wish I could see this statue looking out when the sea is frozen, it must be a beautiful sight.


Seaside towns often have these kinds of anchors near the sea.


A sea snake on the main shopping street.


I love these cranes on someone’s front yard.


Ready to fly!


Below you can see a memorial to those who emigrated from Finland during 1880-1930. Hanko was where Finns stepped on ships which took them to North America. Even my grandmother was in Hanko ready to board but for unknown reasons returned home.


The memorial is by Mauno Oittinen. You can see three cranes taking off – representing the 400 000 people who made their way to America. What I find fascinating is that on the other side – in Lake Worth, Florida – you can find this memorial’s sister. It is of two cranes landing at their destination. What happened to the third one – that is a mystery. Has anyone seen the cranes in Florida?


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