Makan makan

As those of you who follow my blog will know, I love good food. Living in Finland the one thing I cannot get here is decent Malaysian fare. There really aren’t any Malaysian restaurants nearby that serve the dishes I crave, so you could say authentic Malaysian food is very rare here.

What I really love is a good old Nasi Lemak as seen in the first photo. It might look strange to you but the tastes just blend together perfectly!

I wouldn’t mind some decent satay either.


Or Gula Melaka (okay I don’t know why it’s green but the taste was right!).


All these dishes were devoured in London. I wish I could travel to Malaysia for a food fest though! Unfortunately I just heard that one of these London based restaurants has decided to upgrade (?) their menu and start serving sushi. What? A terrible idea if you ask me – just stick to Malaysian grub please!


36 thoughts on “Makan makan

  1. I read this blog with interest. So this is the place where Caroline said you can get a decent Malaysian fare in London if you are there.
    30-34, Queensborough Terrace
    SW3 1HX London, United Kingdom
    Phone +44 20 7985 1252
    Tags popular with groupspopular with tourists
    Breakfast · Lunch · Dinner
    15,456 visits
    However some said :”Tried to come here for some authentic Malaysian food with my Fiancé, but there was a sign on the door saying non-Malaysians are not permitted!!!!!”.

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  2. Hi Suvi, how are you? Good to see the nasi lemak and satay in your post! Is there a Malaysian embassy in Helsinki? If there is (or maybe a consulate), I wonder, if you could ask where do they look for Malaysian food in Helsinki 🙂


    1. Hi dear! Yes, we have a Malaysian Embassy and also a Finland-Malaysia association! Unfortunately they all look in the same place for Malaysian food – in their own kitchens 😉 Well, maybe I could do London again soon! xx


  3. Needless to say the sight of that Nasi Lemak on your blog got me so excited! Hahaha! If you ever came back here again, we could spend a whole weekend doing nothing but eat.
    But I hope the rumors are wrong about that sushi :/

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    1. Heheh, yes Malaysia is all about the food! I used to love noodles and every time I came back to KL my friends would ask me “have you had your noodles yet?” 😂😂 We should definitely have a food date if I come around!

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  4. Absolutely delicious! The Malaysian Embassy in London also has sort of a hidden café place for citizens that my cousin took me to! I can’t remember if she had to show proof or anything, but I wouldn’t have gotten in by myself. Highly recommend but first you’ll have to make a Malaysian friend to get you there! 🙂

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      1. I would guess the dessert called cendol from your pic. If it’s cendol, the green one is rice jelly. But I’m sure gula melaka is the brown one on the bottom.

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            1. Oooh. The recipe and your picture is called sago pudding with gula melaka. Not just gula melaka because gula melaka IS palm sugar. I mistaken the sago as cendol because it’s green.

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