Weekly Favourites

Wow what a whirlwind week it has been! Grab a coffee and some chocolate chip cookies. Please don’t mind the boxes and huge moving mess all around. Hopefully I will soon get rid of some of our furniture and have space to stack the boxes on the side and make it all more presentable.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that on Friday I had a lovely lunch outside with my colleague Laura. August is coming to an end and all summery moments like this must be cherished. We went to Onda in Hakaniemi. Everyone and their dog seemed to be there. And by everyone I mean the hipsters of Kallio.


The food is really tasty and the lunch buffet good value for money. I would love to try their brunch one of these days. See how full I’ve piled my plate!


On Saturday hubby and I went to a boat fair in Lauttasaari. It’s held every year and it’s quite a gamble with the weather, as it’s outside. In my search for good Chinese food, I had planned to have lunch at Meng Loong. Unfortunately they are closed on Saturdays. What restaurant is closed on Saturdays?! Well no worries, there was another place right across the courtyard called Thai-China. Talk about an unoriginal name. But I didn’t let that get me down. In this search, one must be adventurous. Hubby had the green curry (Thai) and I went for the tofu (Chinese) – the name of the dish escapes me. Well! What a surprise. The restaurant does not look very inviting from outside but the food tasted good. My dish may not look much and I do give minus points for the frozen carrots used in it, but yes – finally food that makes you go: give me more! Let’s not jump to any conclusions yet though, who knows if it will be as good next time round. Meng Loong is still on the list of places to try.


The boat fair was fun although a glass of champagne cost an astounding 15 euros! For something so expensive, you would imagine it would be served from a beautiful glass. Not so.


I am in love with these vintage Marino Mustangs. Go and have a look at what cute colors you could choose if you were to buy a new one, here. Maybe a pink one? Or perhaps yellow? This boat is made in Finland.


From these photos you may think we were looking at motorboats only. Quite the contrary, in fact we concentrated on sailing boats. It’s sad how the new sailing boats don’t awaken any feelings whatsoever. Our boat is old but it has personality. But have a look at the photo below – it’s our beloved Flipper but in new colors. I must say I liked the old one more, it was fresher somehow.


On Sunday hubby and I went sailing and of course it started to rain. I get very grumpy if that happens! We only sailed around, so we had no destination. I would never have imagined I’d enjoy that..


Monday was a terribly exhilarating day. Last week, I was asked in for an interview for a job I applied for. On Friday I heard that I’d been chosen as one of three to take part in the final phase – a group interview. Now I’ve never even been in a group interview before, so you can just imagine how nervous I was. I guess it went well though because on the same day, in the afternoon, I heard that I got the job! I was almost screaming when the lady on the phone announced the news. I was, and still am, so excited. All my colleagues have been supporting my search for a new job, so by the time I opened my office door and came out of the room, they were all gathered outside, guessing the news. I am really looking forward to new challenges but I will miss my colleagues very much. Nevertheless, news like this is a great opportunity to celebrate. We had a blueberry mousse cake from Leipomo Keisari, it’s perfect as it’s not too sweet.


Another thing I’m going to miss from my office neighbourhood is No5 Coffee‘s Phở. I have of course had some this week so I can dream of it later.


On Wednesday I met up with my daughter’s godmom Niina. She is a a huge Hanoi Rocks fan. I don’t really know much about Hanoi Rocks but the band was very popular in the 80s, especially in Japan. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Basically my knowledge is limited to the fact that I am aware of two members of the band – Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy. I’m not sure if I’d even be able to recognize their music.

Anyway, Niina wanted to go and see Justin Thomas’ photo exhibit of the band at Kaapelitehdas. Of course I was game as I love photography. It was fun looking at the photos of the band glamming up and reading about the antics they got into in India, Jerusalem and New York. In addition there was a David Bowie photo exhibit in another hall which was really cool – with Bowie’s music playing in the background. Here Niina is posing with her fave – Mike Monroe – too bad the postcard is so small that you can’t see!


Other than this, all evenings have been pack, pack, pack. I have probably packed 20 boxes but you can’t tell at all! This move is clearly going to be a terrible ordeal.. I also had a dentist’s appointment. My dentist is really cool and easygoing, so if you are looking for a great dentist in the city center of Helsinki, I recommend him.

On Friday I will be going to the movies to see Captain Fantastic. I’ll let you know next week how it was. Have you seen it yet?

Now that next week will be all about my new job (as I’m a fast paced person, I will start on Monday as I was able to dodge the one month term of notice) and the packing will continue (nooooo!!) in the evenings, I am going to slow down with blogging. I don’t want to get too stressed. I am also going to end Saturday Statues as it’s not gathering much interest unfortunately. I’ll do one more post for it tomorrow with the linkup but after that I’ll just write random statue posts if I feel like it. Thank you to those of you that have taken part, your posts have been really great. ❤

How are you? Join the weekend coffee share community at Diana’s blog with your own post or drop me a line in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

    1. Thank you Georgina! I do non profit work and will continue with non profit but from another angle. I don’t want to go into specifics as Finland is a small country. The job I previously had was one which very few have in this country and through which my full name is very traceable..

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  1. Ooooh, excellent news about your new job! Well done! All the rest of your week looks just as cool, even the rain. I was surprised to see that not many have posted their statue posts for your challenge, even though I’m sure many have lots of statue photos. At least I’m always full of them. Hanoi Rocks rings a long-forgotten bell but I don’t recall any song. And I’m curious about the film.

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  2. That celebratory cake looks so yummy, and blueberries are so healthy so that’s even better! Exciting times new job and soon to be new home – I’m sure both will go well. A Bank Holiday weekend here and it’s hot and sunny – fingers crossed it will continue until Monday. Happy Weekend, Marion xx


    1. I do love a blueberry cake or pie! A longer weekend sounds awesome – I hope none of the winds we are (again) having come your way and you have a beautiful Monday! xx

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