London from above – The London Eye

A few years ago I travelled to London with my daughter for a city break after New Years. We stayed with my dear friend from Brunei in their beautiful London apartment and had so much fun together. These kinds of visits stay in your heart forever. In addition to spending time with my friend and her family, Emilia and I toured the tourist attractions, of which one was The London Eye.

I am sure most tourists are familiar with the London Eye. When walking around London it’s quite hard to miss! I always love to see sights from above, so of course it was something I wanted to experience.


I would suggest you buy the tickets online in advance to avoid the worst of the queues. It’s also a good idea to read all the tips on the website on how to make your visit a smooth one.


The birds-eye tour inside the pod takes around half an hour.


I adore London’s red buses.


It may be a bit tricky to get good photos as there will be many others in the pod with you.


The views are just breathtaking.





The Houses of Parliament and the iconic Big Ben are something I never tire of looking at.


The sun started setting during our tour.


If I were to go again, I think I’d go when the sun has set. I love city lights, you see.


I absolutely recommend you visit this attraction if you haven’t been yet. If you have, I would be happy to hear what you thought in the comments below.


31 thoughts on “London from above – The London Eye

  1. Your photos are wonderful!! We’ve been on the London Eye several times and I definitely recommend doing it at night – my favourite time with the city lights twinkling. It looks completely different to day time.

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      1. You also write about finland, trust me finland is a dream place for me for no reason. When i was child i somebody used to ask me “where u want to visit?” My spontaneous reply used to be ” finland, spain and egypt.” I still wonder why i want to visit there hahaha

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  2. ahh sounds like a lovely time. i could never go on the eye, i have such a fear of heights, i talked myself in to going on the a much smaller “eye” in Niagara Falls,Canada … just to see if i had out grown my fears.. NOPE.. i broke out in the worst sweat, almost pressed the intercom to get me down, my husband talked to me and got thorough the rest of the about memories:)lol

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  3. What memories. I rode the Eye many years ago. It is a cool thing. Thank you for sharing. There is some more similar in DC, but it moves quicker.

    P.S. I can see you sitting down in one of the car putting your bare feet up.

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  4. Some extremely good photos from the London Eye Suvi. We went on it some years ago but it was during the day, I like your photos of the sun setting over the Houses of Parliament, they look gorgeous. I think your suggestions are useful but the only problem of booking tickets in advance is that one can’t predict the weather and you may not get good photos if it’s wet or there is low cloud which would be sad as it’s an expensive ride. Still, it depends on how long you will be spending in the city as to whether it’s necessary to pre book or not – as no one wants to wait ages queueing!

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