Snake Island

The name, Snake Island, may sound menacing but it’s actually one of my happy places. The only way to get there is by a your own (or friends!) boat. It’s a calming place where the sea acts like a mirror relfecting the surroundings and sunlight all around.

It’s funny how the island is actually only a stone’s throw away from Helsinki. You can even see the cars crossing the bridge to Lauttasaari from the dock.


There are footpaths around the island, so you can go all around if you like. I found lots of blueberries on my last visit. A funny fact – the island used to be owned by a yacht club  and some bigwigs had their own reserved permanent tent spaces around the island. You can still see some of the structures as you wander around. I even found a cellar someone had made for themselves. I wonder how they chose who could have this privilege!


The rock is smooth and potholed right by the sea.


Someone had made a cute stone sculpture.


A family of swans going about their day.


A splash of color in what otherwise is quite a green island.


It doesn’t look like much but this was a huge drop down!


In Spring or Fall your boat may be the only one docked at the island.


It’s worth taking a walk around the island to catch the sunset.


I’m always a fan of a pink sky and I love how it reflects on the water.


As darkness falls, my lantern with it’s safe led light lights up. Goodnight!


Have you ever had the chance to visit Snake Island (aka Käärmesaari)? What’s your happy place? Let me know in the comments below.


27 thoughts on “Snake Island

  1. My answers didn’t get there…Hope this will…My paradise is in “Virransilta” (the riverbridge), the old dancingplace at our summercottagevillage, in Finland. So beautiful place! Allso here in Helsinki, near by us is a beautiful forest where to rest!

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  2. You have a beautiful happy place. I have a few of my own. One is passing through Pennsylvania through the mountains. One is at a train station in Point of Rocks, Maryland watching trains roll by.

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  3. The sunset is great, and so is the island, I understand it is one of your happy places. My happy places are in our forests, only souds wind and birds, specially one in south-east Finland where always the sun is shining ( maybe we don’t go there when it is raining :-)).

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