Weekly Favourites

Do you like collecting mushrooms? I must say I’m quite obsessed about it and now it seems that this Fall is going to be great for funnel chanterelles. There were so many of them in the forest that I had a tough time tearing myself away from them as we were a little pressed for time.


The reason we were in a hurry was that I wanted to go and see my friend in hospital who had just given birth to her sixth child! Yes, you heard right – sixth. It’s not so common anymore in Finland either. The baby boy was very cute but I was terrified when she left me alone with him for five minutes to get some food. I really don’t remember anything about babies any longer!


The second week at my new job has been great but really exhausting. I have really gone from one extreme to the other, as at my former job I was terribly bored. I would rather have too much work than too little though, it’s very frustrating to be at a slow job even though it might sound like an ideal situation – those who have experienced it know what I mean.


This week I decided I can’t eat out so often even if the lunch places around my office are excellent. One of my favourites is Fuku’s sushi buffet. It’s quite expensive for lunch though, I didn’t even touch the warm dishes they have on offer as sushi is quite filling.


I managed to go aqua jogging once this week and once I get settled in at work I will try to pick up the pace there. On Wednesday I had a friend meet-up, again for sushi. It was so fun laughing and gossiping. Other than that nothing special has been happening. Tomorrow I will be going for a day trip to Tallinn!

How has your week been? Do drop me a line in the comments below, as I’ve not had much time to read blogs lately but would love to know how you are doing.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. It’s been an Indian Summer week here, so warm at night that it was difficult to sleep – I’m not complaining though! Older son came home last night for a long weekend so we’re having a family day out in Manchester tomorrow. Have a good time in Tallinn Suvi!

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  2. I agree with you … busy is good. Going to work everyday to a job that is flat and unstimulating is exhausting! Once in while, to help catch your breath, is ok – in fact, welcome – but every day? Not for me.
    Once you acclimatize to the new environment, it will be easier to find a new rhythm 🙂

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