Sunday strolling in Camden Town and Regent’s Canal

On a beautiful Spring day in London, I went strolling around Camden Town with friends. I couldn’t believe how many people there were – being on the move with a stroller in tow, it was not the most comfortable experience.

Camden Town is quite an attack on the senses – at least on a busy Sunday.


The houses are painted different colors.



Many of the buildings have interesting advertisements on them.





If t-shirts are your thing, you will be sure to find one there to suit your taste.


As it was so crowded, we didn’t even dream about going into Camden Lock. Inside you can find unique designs and street food to snack on.



We were relieved to notice an escape from the crowds – Regent’s Canal down below.


It was much more peaceful there.


I won’t lie to you, a whiff of marihuana was detected here and there.


People seemed to enjoy sitting by the river taking in the suns rays.


The locks itself are terrifying to me, as I’ve never tried to enter or exit one with a boat.


People say it’s easy once you get the hang of it. I’m not convinced.. yet.


What futuristic houses!


The canal itself is 13,8 km long. We were going in the direction of King’s Cross. Little Venice would’ve been the other way.


Some lads out on a boat – oi, hello there!


The canal can be quite a romantic spot too.


The waterway is also popular with cyclists.


Private parties along the river were spotted.


These canal boats are always fascinating to me. I’ve never seen one in Finland. If you want to see more of them, check out my post on the Canalway Cavalcade in Little Venice.


On weekends guided tours of the canal are available.





This is the “back” of Granary Square. The area is new to me but it seems to be filled with eateries and cultural spots to visit – different kinds of events too. I love how the stairs have been carpeted to make them more comfortable.


This girl had managed to find a solitary spot.


Fancy a visit to a museum?


Or how about some books to go?


Last, we left the canal and had a look around Granary Square. Some children were excitedly running through the fountains but it was clearly a bit too cold for that. Apparently in the evening they are a gorgeous sight as they come to life with different colors as the water jumps around.


Have you been to Camden Town? Did you go for a stroll along Regent’s Canal? Let me know in the comments below!


17 thoughts on “Sunday strolling in Camden Town and Regent’s Canal

  1. Hm! I was in Camden the first time I was in London, I was the right age to go there in order to track down MTV studios with my sister. 😀 Can’t say I remember any river, just the alter crowd, the wicked shops, Doc Martens bullers and graffiti. We felt much at home there. 🙂

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  2. Some lovely photos of Canden and the canal Suvi. I love walking along the canal there in both directions but I have to admit that Camden Market really isn’t for me, although I love the hustle and bustle of most markets. When our children were small we took three canal boat holidays in northern France and after the first one or two locks we found it no problem. The lock keepers sold ice creams and fruit and vegetables so it was fun stocking up as we were passing through the locks.

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