Skiffer – Helsinki’s unique pizza joint

Join me for an evening pizza at the Skiffer.

Skiffer is a pizzeria on an islet in Helsinki. The only way you can get there, if you don’t have a boat of your own, is with this little ferry below. According to the internet, you will have to pay 6 euros for a short two minute ride to go across from the mainland.


We have always gone on our own boat. It was a very quick trip with our previous Flipper but now that we are dependant on sails, it’s a bit too long for me to go both ways in one day.


There it is – the red building! Skiffer’s pizzas are actually called liuska instead of pizza. This because the little islet it is situated on is called Liuskaluoto in Finnish. Liuska also refers to the shape of the pizza – it’s not round like the ones you are used to. Liuskaluoto is Skifferholmen in Swedish, thus the name Skiffer.


I always have an Aperol Spritz when visiting this particular restaurant. I think they were the first ones to bring the trend to Finland.


It’s fun gazing at the boats going by – in the peak summer months it’s very busy.


I have two favourite pizzas at the Skiffer. The Surf & Turf with chorizo or the Soignon with goat’s cheese and strawberries. Yes, you heard right – strawberries in pizza!


Our Felicia – do excuse the messily folded sails – as we planned to go back home right after dinner and were very hungry, it was best to let them be.


These people are getting ready to dock. Sails down!


This summer we only managed one visit to Skiffer. So the strawberry pizza will have to wait till next year. I think it would be fun to stay the night on the islet at the HSS dock.


See the concrete memorial on the left? It is for seafarers and those who have perished on sea – it was erected in 1968 and has an eternal flame. The church there is the Michael Agricola Church. You will be interested to know that the 30 meter spike can be retracted if necessary – it fits inside the tower structure! This came in handy during the Winter War, for example.


There you can see Löyly. The wood has already changed color from what it looked like in the beginning of summer.


This is one of my favourite views of Helsinki from the sea. Wouldn’t you love to live in one of those houses? It’s called Eira and it is known as a very prestigious area.


We got home quite late – late enough to see the sun setting.


A sunset as seen from a sailing boat is always magical.


If you are interested in trying Skiffer’s pizzas but missed the summer season, no worries. You can find two Skiffer restaurants mainland. Check out their webpage for more info.

Have you been to Skiffer Liuskaluoto?


11 thoughts on “Skiffer – Helsinki’s unique pizza joint

  1. This summer I visited the islands and Skiffer for the first time. I would have loved to try the strawberry pizza but they were out of ingredients so I went for the Baltic Sea one with plenty of fish, and it was absolutely delicious.

    I think it is a total rip-off that you have to pay 6 euros for the short boat ride. We actually took another boat to the neighbouring island of Uunisaari and then walked from there along the bridge to Liuskasaari and further to Liuskaluoto and Skiffer. I think the boat was 4 euros.

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    1. You are right, it really is a rip off for such a short ride! It should be free 🤔 I haven’t tried the Baltic Sea pizza, it sounds interesting! Thank you for sharing your experiences 🤗

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    1. Yes I too would love to live there if I had to choose a place in Helsinki ☺️ The strawberries go very well with the goats cheese, you could also try it for a salad! xx

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    1. Ei voi olla totta, ajattelin että olette varmasti olleet Skifferissä! ☺ Teidän veneellä iltapyrähdyskin sinne onnistuu, ensi kesän agendalle 👌💕


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