Weekly Favourites

You could say that these past few weeks have basically gone by in a fog! Work is really full on and with the move coming up, there’s just too much on my plate right now.

However, last Friday was great – aqua jogging in the morning, followed by a gorgeous breakfast in a café (SIS. Deli & Café) and later lunch with a girlfriend. Some work in between too, LOL!


I met my wonderful friend Laura at Gran Delicato – look at this gorgeous aubergine dish below, healthy and so good. The owner has a twinkle in his eyes and the atmosphere is very relaxed. I suggest you try their coffee too, you won’t be dissapointed!


Are you looking for a brunch recommendation in Helsinki? I have one for you – Southpark. And no, it has nothing to do with the tv program. The thing I like about this restaurant is the sunlight from the huge windows and the fact that the price is still quite affordable compared to many other brunches in Helsinki. Also – pancakes, jam and whipped cream! We had a great family brunch there on Sunday.


We had a “slight” setback with our new washing machine. On Thursday the service guy came to deliver it to our new house and came to the conclusion that it does not fit into the space it’s supposed to. The space is a standard size but there’s a piece between the washing machine and dryer which doesn’t fit causing the whole project to come to a standstill. Now either we need to find a new piece or take the whole cupboard apart from around where the machine is supposed to go. Aargh, not good news.

The weather has been gorgeous – so sunny and the air still quite warm – I wish all Septembers were like this. Next week I’m going to Jyväskylä for work – it will be interesting to see a city full of Alvar Aalto buildings. Maybe I’ll get back on track with taking photos – really these three were all that I took this week!

I hope you have had a more relaxed week than me – let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Wow, sounds like your life’s one big party, even on workdays 🙂 I could never dream of going to workout before work! I go after work, and then I don’t have time to meet up with friends, etc, ’cause it’s already late. Wish I was a morning person! 😉 I love that first photo, its sunset colors are so pretty and atmospheric.

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    1. Thanks dear, hahaha it might sound like a party but really it’s quite mundane 😎 I’m just trying to appreciate the little things 👍 I do notice that waking up in the morning is getting more difficult each day, as it’s getting darker! I hope to manage even one aquajog morning a week…

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  2. That breakfast looks so tasty Suvi! But what a nuisance about the washing machine! Can you recall what type of machine the previous owners had installed there, I thought they were all pretty standard. Last year we visited Jyväskylä for the first day of the rally (not my idea). The plan was to look round the centre first but as soon as we arrived there was a torrential downpour that lasted all day so we only saw the lakeside through low mist, a pity as it was a long way to go just for the day.

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    1. Oh no, your Jyväskylä visit was quite a failure! I hope the weather is good, so I get to walk around and have a look! I won’t have much free time but one evening I have a few hours. Unfortunately I have no idea about the previous owner’s washing machine, I guess they have also evolved over the years, so it might not help 🤔 We will have to think of something 🤗

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