Nostalgic Days of Fall

As the days grow crisper and shorter – a wave of nostalgia overcomes me.

I noticed that Fall seemed to be even further along in Jyväskylä compared to Helsinki. I especially enjoyed looking at the houses near the Alvar Aalto museum. The colors of the leaves were amazing.


This man seemed to have quite a task in front of him – I’m not sure where exactly he was planning on putting all that wood.


Located on Alvar Aalto street, this house seemed abandoned. Can you imagine the summer parties held here back in the day?


Was this lady cycling to her home or to visit her parents, I wondered. She was almost run over by a man on a bike when she turned into the gate but she did not seem surprised by this, as if it had happened before.



11 thoughts on “Nostalgic Days of Fall

    1. Thank you Debra 💕 I really did enjoy walking around Jyväskylä. It was exceptionally warm too, so I was sweating in my winter jacket 😂


    1. Thank you, I was nicely surprised. Many years ago when I was a child we had guests from France who went to Jyväskylä. I always wondered why – now I know – they were Alvar Aalto enthusiasts! 😊

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