Weekly Favourites

Summer has really come to an end as last weekend we had our last sail on Felicia. These next weeks will be filled with many lasts and firsts, as our move will finally actualize and also, our boat has to be prepared and hauled out of the water for winter storage.

Before that though, I’ve managed to have some fun. Last Saturday hubby and I went for drinks at Pueblo and then to see Deepwater Horizon. The movie was my idea by the way. The fact that I have a thing for Mark Wahlberg might have something to do with it.. LOL!


On Sunday we went for the last sail of the season. The weather was beautiful, sunny and the wind was perfect too. It was bitterly cold though, so we had to bundle up properly.


Lidl’s mozzarella-pesto bread is perfect for a quick sailing snack – the fresh air makes you hungry!


My colleagues and I had a meeting on Tuesday at Moko Market Cafรฉ and Store. If you work in Helsinki, this is a great place to plan a small meeting. You can reserve a private room for half a day on their website. After your meeting you can browse around the store or have a tasty lunch (great salads!) before you go. Do Leave a comment if you know of any other nice places with free of charge meeting rooms in Helsinki.


After a whole day of planning for the upcoming year, we needed something good to eat – Toscanini it was! I haven’t been there for years. It is a restaurant connected to the Klaus K hotel. The decor is lovely – bistro type – and you can get great pasta there too.


I had the tiger prawn pasta and it was divine. The tiramisu is to die for but I was way too full to order it (good thing I got a taste of my friend’s). I had some ice cream instead.


Now it’s time to take a blog break, as I am going to be super busy starting today. Moving is going to be one exhausting event! And to be truthful, getting the boat hauled onto dry land is an even more daunting affair. Winter is coming…


One last photo to give you some Friday laughs – me changing a lamp to my car. It looks like the car is eating me up, LOL!

How are you? Let me know in the comments below – even though I’m on a blog break, I’d love to hear how you are doing. 

Happy weekend! Take care now and I hope to see you again once things have settled down.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Ohh all your food looked deelish!!! Yep summer is over here as well, although no where near as cold as it where you are. But still putting all summer things away, and prepRing for. Winter. I’ve already purchased my tickets for Florida for Jan and Feb. and I’m not even going to tell you how we all feeling with the upcoming presidential election…….good grief.
    Well enjoy your time off , looking forward to your awesome photos:)!

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    1. Ooh so exciting to hear about your Florida vacation! It’s so great to have something special to look forward to ๐Ÿ˜Š The Presidential elections in the US sure are full of drama. It’s very different here, ours are quite dull compared to yours ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take care! xx

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  2. Moving…that is quite exciting, somewhere in the middle of packing when the feeling “I just donยดt have time and power enough” you just continue and suddenly the sun is shining only one room to go…May your next week be full of happy surprises!

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