Summer, I love you

As darkness engulfs us here in Finland, summer seems like a lifetime away.


We spent two wonderful days at our yacht club’s island place somewhere in the Inkoo archipelago last summer.


We had the place to ourselves for one whole day.


We all found our own ways to relax and enjoy the tranquil nature.


Son with a book.


Me just closing my eyes for a bit.


Hubby heating up the sauna.


There’s no electricity on the island.


Thus the sauna is heated with wood.


It felt like paradise to have the place to ourselves. The next day a few others joined us on the island.


Still, as night fell, all you heard was the sea against the boat, lulling you to sleep.


Have you experienced Finnish summer?


21 thoughts on “Summer, I love you

    1. You can start sailing as soon as the ice melts. 😛 I’d say April earliest. There’s some stuff you need to do to the boat before lowering it in the water – which can’t be done in freezing temperatures . So it’s the weather really which determines the time. Last year we started in April but this year I don’t think I’ll be in such a hurry. Sailing in Spring means layering and wooly underwear..

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    1. Tänä vuonna meillä oli vene vesillä huhtikuussa, mutta en taida haluta sitä enää niin aikaisin.. mutta voihan mieli vielä muuttua. Nostamisoperaatio on vain ollut niin traumaattinen 😉


  1. beautiful get away. Suvi, loved your photos and your captions. sounds wonderful. we have been blessed with an exceptional Autumn this year, weather is still very nice..but the clocks went back an hour this week end, and here i am ive been up since 4:30.. changing of the time really messes me up. oh and yes and pitch black of course 🙂

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    1. Wow we are in winter mode over here, I would’ve liked to have Autumn for a bit longer. We also had the changing of the clocks, this time it didn’t affect me thankfully! Hope you are back on track with the time by now 😍

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