Weekly Favourites

Happy Friday everyone! I guess I should add “from winter wonderland” because we are seriously overwhelmed with snow over here. The last time winter arrived in the South of Finland this early was in 2002.

Last weekend was surprisingly relaxed, even though we had sleepover guests for both our daughter and son. On Sunday I walked (you will hear why I walked there at the end of this post!) to a nearby mall to have coffee with my mom. We spent many hours chatting over coffee and shopping. Even though this huge muffin may look delicious, it was quite bland. However, the coffee was divine – if you see Kaffa Roastery’s coffee on your treks for a good café in Helsinki or Espoo, then you will not be disappointed.


Now that I think of it, the weekend wasn’t so relaxed for hubby. He had a lot to do with our boat, as he had to build the construction that holds the tent around it. Hubby was doing this in the snow (and snowfall) whilst I was enjoying my coffee with my mother. Oops! I am so glad that we managed to lift our boat just before the snow was on the ground and the sea started freezing. But it would’ve been good to get the tent on before the blizzards came in. I wanted to share a picture of our boat yard – how does this look to you?


At the end of the week some boats were still in the water and the sea started to freeze. A nightmare.


Once again I want to give a shout out to my new fave Thai/Vietnamese place in Helsinki – The Red Koi Thai. This dish was the U Dong Phad Khi Mao Kai. Usually I feel really tired after a high carb dish like this but not this time – a perfect combo I would say. The Red Koi Thai is definitely my favourite lunch place at this time.


Some of my colleagues and I planned a night out for Tuesday. Finally I got to visit Putte’s Bar and Pizza. It’s been open for years and I’ve been wanting to go for so long but never managed it. I must say that I like the atmosphere plus they have Kungfu Girl Riesling if you are a fan. I can recommend my Chevre & Aubergine pizza, a very tasty combo. I’d love to know how they had flavoured the aubergine as it was delicious. The night was filled with laughter which is probably not a surprise to anyone who knows us, LOL.


Because we have had so much going on this Fall and the winter came surprisingly early, we were caught unawares and thus my car’s winter tyres still haven’t been changed. And as there is so much snow, it cannot be moved to the location where the tyres are. Quite frustrating. Hopefully we will have time to do something about this situation this weekend. The silver lining in this is that I have acquainted myself very well with all the buses in our new neighbourhood and have walked many extra kilometres/miles all week.


Sunday is Father’s Day in Finland – so Happy Father’s Day to hubby and any dads reading this!

How has your week been – let me know in the comments below. Happy weekend to all, I hope it’s a relaxing one!


13 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. I’m so not-ready for snow, or winter, or even the cold. I’m still in denial it isn’t September 😉

    … but you’re right. It is very pretty. I feel badly for your husband trying to cover the boat in the snow storm.

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    1. Travelling with the bus has been a nightmare.. The timetables have been late every day and also mornings have been terrible hikes trying to go forward in the snow that has come overnight. But it sure is pretty!

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  2. So much snow for you already Suvi! We had 7cm on Wednesday but it has mostly melted away now. The pavements were so slippery with the ice and wet leaves making it slow to get around. I spent last weekend in London with husband and one of our sons and had a lovely time, as usual! Have a good weekend!

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    1. Oh so lucky with a trip to London! Were the Christmas lights up yet? I love London in Christmastime. Or to think of it.. I love it always 😀 They are predicting warmer weather here next week which will mean ICY roads for us too, yikes..

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      1. Yes, the ice rinks were open and many of the Christmas lights on too, even though it’s so early but a good time to be there as it wasn’t so busy. Hope you manage to get your winter tyres fitted this week. Saw the ski racing from Levi on TV today, it looked very foggy there.

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