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Finally I have a chance to invite you to our new home. Don’t mind the fact that there still isn’t any furniture in the living room, we can sit around the kitchen table. I have some new black tea from China given to me as a housewarming present and I’m sure you will love it. I hope you like all the Christmas lights I’ve put around the house – in this dark period we need cosiness and as the Danes say – hygge. Sharing this moment and catching up with you is hygge at it’s best!

There’s been some glimpses of sun this week which has been quite a treat for Finnish November. In the evenings it’s nice to light the fireplace (more hygge!). We had a fireplace in the house we owned many years back but it was huge, bulky and grey. It did not invite you to light a fire like this one does.


In Finland November means Father’s Day. I know it’s a funny date for many of you, as you celebrate dads on a different day. My daughter and I tried these granola bowls for breakfast – they were so good. Usually we have a cake in the morning (Father’s Day morning – not all mornings LOL!) but as hubby is not a fan, the rest of us usually end up eating it. So this was a nice sweet alternative. These had soy blueberry yoghurt, granola, raspberries and blueberries plus some Turkish yoghurt on top. Yum.


This is what our father’s day breakfast looked like! Coffee to go with it all of course.


Remember how I told you that we managed to get our boat onto the hard just before the snows came in? Well we were lucky – many people did not and this was the sad sight at our harbour a week back.


The boaters had brought their boats to the dock where the lifting happens, in the hope that a momentum would come that the boat could be lifted. Some boats were still at their original docks too. I am sure the ice does not do good to any boat out there.


This week it started raining and now all that snow we had is just a memory. Now the problem with the icy waters is also gone. Even though I’m not a huge fan of snow, it does bring some light to this very dark period, which I find myself already missing.


I am quite zonked by the time it’s Friday, so at this age (!), it’s best to stay at home on Fridays. Luckily two of my girlfriends agreed to come and visit me. We had fun eating and chatting for hours. A tip – if in Finland and you love cheese – try the Peltola Blue blue cheese – it’s creamy and not too strong. Also these little rye crackers in the front of the photo are delicious – you can find them in the grocery store by the name Valitut Ruiskeksit by Kantola- they are an excellent combo with cheese. That’s a lingonberry pie in the background made with this recipe (in Finnish only, sorry!).


On Saturday I had a fun day with my goddaughter. We spent our time shopping, eating and watching Trolls at the movies. I cannot remember when I last visited a toy store – what a shocker to see Care Bears there – I didn’t know they even existed anymore. The fun thing about shopping with this little girl is that she too loves glitter and cute things! Trolls was a sweet movie and to our delight there was an abundance of glitter in it too.


In the evening I went to see The Girl with all the Gifts. Said movie is very far from anything glittery. I have read the book a while back and it was excellent – of course much better than the movie, although I recommend the movie too especially if you are a fan of The Walking Dead. I had to go home and read the ending from the book as I remembered it somewhat different. And of course it was. It’s a pity how things have to be simplified for movies.

How did you like the tea? Would you like another cup? Now it’s your turn to let me know how your week has been. Write your news in the comments below or write your own post for Weekend Coffee Share which you can find on Diana’s blog.

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Hi Suvi,
    Seems like awhile since we’ve caught up. Your snowy wonderland looks amazing to an Australian like me. I’d never thought about hos the snow lightens up the dark landscape in Winter. It sounds like it was designed that way.
    You would’ve loved spending the weekend with us here. We were celebrating my husband’s 50th Birthday. We went out for dinner at a French restaurant in Sydney in a very quaint historic cottage. They also sell French wares so the place has a very authentic French feel and the staff speak French. I had some beautiful scallops with orange and a a serious of bits on the plate like a parsley puree. Main course I had roast duck and it was served lying in what looked like a black mud pond, which was apparently shitake mushrooms. Again, it was a real taste sensation. We had sticky date cake with a walnut praline and rum and raison ice cream along with some slices of caramelised pineapple. It was a refreshing reinterpretation of a familiar dessert. For dessert my niece had what I think was a basil and lemon pannecotta which was very refreshing. It was a very bright green and I’m not sure I could’ve eaten it but she loved it.
    After all the activity, I’m having a very quiet day!
    xx Rowena

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rowena, great to hear from you! The birthday celebrations sound awesome. I am liking the sound of that basil and lemon pannacotta 🙂 xx


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