Weekly Favourites

This week I’m happy to report that I’ve seen six deer! My daughter claimed to have seen deer around our new neighbourhood but I didn’t believe her till two ran across the road one morning when I was walking to the bus. Now I’ve managed to see six in one week. They wander in the nearby forest and also in people’s yards!

Here’s two I came across when taking a shortcut through the forest. They seem to be quite tame and curious too.


On Tuesday I had a chance to go to the theatre for free. It happened to be a play I’d been planning to see called Pasi was here at KOM theatre. The play tells a story of Pasi and his friend Hemmo’s childhood in the 80s. Finnish plays are always filled with swearing and at one point least one man takes his pants off!! I’m really not a fan of that. This piece was no exception but the actors were so good that for once I didn’t mind that much.


On Wednesday I attended the last Chi Ball class of the year. The teacher had lit candles and played Michael Buble’s Christmas songs. For me, the Christmas season starts with Buble’s “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, so I was mighty pleased.


I’m really looking forward to the Christmas Market opening this weekend (the 3rd December) in Helsinki. I walked by the Senate Square and the little booths were already there.


It’s too bad that all our snow has melted – the days are so dark. Thankfully Helsinki is adorned in lights.


Anyway, guess where I went on Thursday? To the outdoor swimming pool in Helsinki near the Market Square! It’s called Allas Sea Pool. Unfortunately it will close on the 6th December for refurbishment and won’t open till May.


Right now the locker rooms are way to small, so hopefully the renovations coming up will change that.


Other than that, I loved the place. Imagine swimming in darkness with the lights of Helsinki around you. In steaming hot water. With a friend. Bliss.


In the evening I made a quick stop to the contemporary art museum Kiasma. I wanted to see the red globe you can see from the upstairs window when you walk past. The globe – Hot Spot – is by Mona Hatoum. It’s quite impressive really. Apparently Hatoum describes the world as ‘continually caught up in conflict and unrest’. The installation reflects that very well as you can even hear the red lights buzzing if you go closer.


I was also looking forward to the photo exhibition After the Turmoil by Meeri Koutaniemi. It’s an exhibition of people who have experienced great suffering. Ladies who have had acid thrown on them in India, girls who have had to go through FGM in Kenya and refugees in Northern Thailand. What connects all these is that these people have become pro-active game-changers in their communities. The exhibit was quite tiny and reminded me of a photo exhibit I once saw at Stockholm’s Fotografiska about child brides. Unfortunately it was more bleak as the girls were in no position to empower themselves.


How are you doing? Can you believe it’s the December already? Do you like swimming outside in the cold? Have you been to Kiasma yet?

I wish you a great weekend with fun and laughter!


27 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Maybe the snow will come back since it is still only early December and winter in your part of the world. Then your place will look like a winter wonderland 😀 Markets are always interesting – so many handmade things you’ve never seen before, and of course, a lot of good food. Hope you will enjoy the Christmas Market this year. Also, that is an interesting exhibition you saw. It does sound bleak, but through the exhibition it is one way to raise awareness of what they are going through…and hopefully in some way they will find a voice.

    It is December already, and I can barely believe it. It is summer now here in Australia, and it is still a tad on the cool side. I am hoping it warms up soon as I want to break out my summer clothing and have some fun in the sun 😀

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    1. Hi Mabel! Thank you for your lovely comment 💕 I can’t even picture it being summer somewhere, sounds absolutely wonderful! Let’s hope for a white Christmas for my part of the world 🌬️

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  2. Deers are so beautiful, sometimes when I see them, I just enjoy watching their soulful faces. We have some snow, it is not so dark. I agree what you said of the finnish theatre, now it should be time for something else than talking and making jokes of human secret parts.
    Have a sunny weekend!

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    1. Thank you Kristiina! True about the faces of the deer. I love how the ones here stop and stare back at you 😊 Nice with your snow 🌬️ Haha, yes Finnish theatre should evolve a bit, this taking pants off thing does not appeal to everyone. Happy Sunday!

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  3. Lovely post, Suvi! I’ve been meaning to go swimming at Allas Sea Pool but I’m waiting til next summer cause I just freeze so easily. I can’t imagine the walk between the warm water and locker rooms, it just seems like too much! 😉 I still haven’t even seen the Xmas lights, been too lazy to go that way though my life revolves around the center of town! And now there’s a Xmas market coming, you say? Hmm. Don’t think I’ve actually ever visited it properly. Maybe I’ll try to be more energetic tomorrow and check it out! So thanks for the tips! Maybe I’ll see you there, hahahah! 🙂

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    1. Hi Snow! I thought it would be freezing as well – the walk between the locker and the pool – but it wasn’t bad at all! Maybe I will upgrade to swimming in the sea next, LOL! I hope you get to see the lights this weekend. I will try to go and catch the market on Sunday, tomorrow I hope to go to the new F6 Hotel’s Christmas Market 🙂 I work in Kamppi but usually my days are all about “get off bus, work, get on bus”. I really have to make an effort to see anything 😛

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      1. I work in Kamppi, too 🙂 Never heard of F6! I left Facebook some years ago, and ever since, I never hear about anything that’s going on! Your blog has become my main information source, hahah!!! 😉 Swimming in the sea at winter is something I’d never dream of! But if you do, I’d love to read about it in a blog post! Heippa!

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        1. Who knows if we go to the same restaurants for lunch 😋 Now I’m looking forward to checking out the new restaurant “world” upstairs in Kamppi shopping center!

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  4. what a wonderful, eventful week, Suvi 🙂
    oh, gosh, I think I’m going to like Finnish plays lol :D)) but there is no way any force can make me swim outdoors in December lol…
    hope you will post lots of pictures from the Christmas market 🙂 I’ve been to a Christmas market in Vienna and Frankfurt… these are magical… we do not have the same proportions here… :/ I’d love to see and learn more about the one in Helsinki :))

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    1. Hi Alexandra! Heheh swimming in the heated water was a great experience, it’s the ice swimming that I don’t get. But I plan to try one day 😅 Unfortunately the Helsinki Christmas Market has often lacked soul but hopefully they have made some changes this year. One of the problems is that there’s a fenced area outside of which you must not go if you are holding alcohol (for example a glögg)!!! That’s Finnish rules for you. Happy weekend dear 😍


  5. wow, just beauitiful Suvi. the 2 feet of snow we had has all melted, and it is also very dark here. i loved your little tour. We dont have anything like that here..a swimming area in the dark.. and We have way too many deer. im saddened everytime i see one has been killed by a car.. on that note,hunting season is also here, and our friend has brought us some venison.. which i use all winter long.
    enjoy your week end, im off to a holiday gala today, with children singing and ornaments getting made.

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    1. Oh my, I need to remember the deer when I drive around here – yikes! I’m sorry you don’t have snow anymore either, I hope we get a white Xmas nevertheless 🎄 The holiday gala sounds lovely 💕

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  6. I love seeing deer but my friend has had problems recently with deer jumping into her garden and munching through plants and bushes! It’s really strange as they have lived in the same house for 20 years and never had this problem before. There’s not much that can be done to prevent it though as they can jump over high fences. Deer certainly make a lovely festive photo ! What a shame about the Allas Pool closing for so long for refurbishments! What’s happening in Finland – if it’s not LänsiMetro with delays it’s something else !! I enjoy visiting the theatre, so good you had complimentary tickets! Have a good weekend x

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    1. Oh no with the deer in your friend’s garden. I can imagine they do that here too. Have to remember that when we start remodeling our yard! Who knows when we get the Länsimetro, it’s not looking very promising as of yet… Oh M, I think the theatre I saw would’ve just been too much for you 😘 Something you might enjoy could be Aleksanteri Theatre’s Countess Amalie’s Drama Tour, it’s more civilized 😉 Happy weekend dear!

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  7. What a lovely week you’ve had! I didn’t know you could swim outside, in the dark! Nothing like that here. Aren’t deer great? I love to see them, but I’ve never been able to photograph one.

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  8. Hi Suvi! I’ve been to “Pasi was here” play too, a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been shocked when the actor took his pants off, but after living in Finland for a while you get accustomed to the Finns being ok with nudity 🙂 I also had to ask my husband to translate me the parts that were spoken in Savonia slang, but still I liked the play a lot! It was bitter sweet, smiles and tears all mixed up, like in a real life. Have a nice weekend, Suvi!

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