Into the Woods

Where do you like to go to relax? For many Finns, the forest is a place where you can let your worries go and just enjoy the moment.

I too, can relate to this. There is a forest very near our house for daily walks but for a longer trek, we like to go to Nuuksio National Park.


What I love about Nuuksio is how the nature there is very diverse.


All these photos were taken on one trek which took around two hours.









Instead of a love lock bridge, we came upon a bridge with ice-cream sticks on it!




Last – a rye bread sandwich perhaps to get your energies back?


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Have you been to a forest in Finland? Do you enjoy trekking? Is this something people like to do where you live?


22 thoughts on “Into the Woods

    1. Hi Sandra! These photos are from last summer 😄 But as it is, all the snow we had has melted but the trees are bare. So it looks very bleak at the moment!


  1. Nuuksio is great! 🙂 As for me, I must be missing the Finnish forest gene, or it’s just due to growing up somewhere else, but I never felt the connection to forests that most Finns feel. I wish I did! Though as I’ve grown older, I’ve begun to enjoy rare visits to Nuuksio – I appreciate the beauty and lovely silence, the smells and the shades of green – but it’s still a foreign, exotic environment for me! 🙂

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    1. I know what you mean! I never grew up in forests either. But I’ve been going to the forest for around 12 years now regularly and it’s grown on me. Saying that, in the end I’m more of a swimming pool person 😉

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      1. to be quite honest, Suvi, I havent been to Vitosha in a loooong time (blush)… there used to be some nice routes up there, but I dont know how much of that is still well maintained… :/ I need to ask some of my friends who I know love going to mountains… and maybe take the boyz sometime… 🙂 I know that for ski, skiers go to other Bg mountains … 🙂

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