New Horizon

Looking back at last summer’s photos, I can hardly believe how beautiful everything was.

It’s like a dream – did it really happen?


Next year, I promise to savour the beauty of everything around me and capture it on film the best I can.

Inspired by The Daily Post’s photo challenge.


10 thoughts on “New Horizon

        1. Oooh, it would be so fun to explore with another Tallinn enthusiast but this time I won’t have the chance. Must keep this in mind though 🙂 Merry Xmas!


    1. It’s funny looking at some of my summer photos! At the time I thought they were too ugly to use on the blog and now when I go back, I’m surprised how lovely everything looks 🙂 However, these photos looked gorgeous even right after seeing the sun dance on the sky as it was setting – it was a magical evening.

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