Weekly Favourites

It’s been such a busy week that I’m glad Friday is finally here! Do have a seat, I have a gingerbread latte for you today – it’s time to get into the mood for Christmas. It’s just a week away after all. Would you like some whipped cream on top and maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon?

Last Friday we had our office Christmas party. It was really a late lunch with a hilarious performance some of the staff had prepared. I really liked my reindeer stew. Afterwards many of us continued on for drinks and as the night went on, it was time to eat again!


I had reserved a table from Bar Cón which is one of the newbies in the just opened upstairs restaurant complex, Kortteli, in Kamppi. Funnily I had happened upon an article online about a new tapas place even before I had heard there would be a new “restaurant world” in town. The idea of tapas enticed us. A few weeks before our dinner, I suddenly noticed on Instagram that Bar Cón seemed to be the new place to be!


This view is from their bar. They will have a balcony in the summer.


We were so busy tasting the different dishes that I forgot to take photos of all the food. There was a lot of it and we really enjoyed it. I can happily recommend Bar Cón, as in addition to good food, they also have superb service. Oh and their mojito was delicious too!


On Sunday it was time for a Christmas concert. The concert was in the Mikael Agricola Church which looked beautiful in the violet light.


The show featured many stars like Jari Sillanpää, Juha Tapio and Anna Puu to name a few. If you live in Finland, you can watch this concert over Christmas on tv – keep a lookout for it, as it was lovely. My favourite performer was Diandra with her upbeat All I want for Xmas is You.


I’ve been lucky to spot more deer in our neighbourhood this week. These two (there was a third one there as well but he’d wandered off a bit further) seemed to be very curious about my camera.


On Thursday my colleagues and I went to Kortteli again for lunch. This time we tried Date & Kale, a vegetarian restaurant. I had the noodle bowl which was a cold dish to my surprise. I was expecting more spices, so you could say I was a tad disappointed.


It seems that my week has been all about eating. We did manage to order a new sofa for our living room – FINALLY – this has taken us surprisingly long. It’s a pity we won’t be able to enjoy it for Christmas as it takes several weeks to be made and delivered. We also ordered an artificial Christmas tree online from the Netherlands – I really hope I get it early next week as it would be nice to decorate it before Christmas Eve.


Would you like refill of the gingerbread latte? Or was it too sweet? We still need to catch up on how you have been. Are you looking forward to the Holidays?

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

    1. ps: Being in America and only knowing reindeer as a fantasy (I know of the real ones but we don’t usually get to see them), every single time you mention eating reindeer, I am momentarily horrified… which is cracking me up!

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  1. The Mikael Agricola Church is so gorgeous! Im going to check if they have any concerts around New Year because we will be in Helsinki then. And Bar Cón is definitely going on list of places to visit – thanks for all the tips! xx

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    1. Ooh I hope there’s a concert at the church, it’s worth visiting for sure. I’m eager to hear what you think of the restaurant, I just noticed it’s not open for lunch, so drinks and dinner it should be. I hope we get snow for your visit 💕

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  2. The church looked beautiful for the Christmas concert Suvi and I’m sure the evening was memorable. Do hope your Christmas tree arrives soon. We always buy a real one and it was delivered a couple of days ago and is now decorated – I just love going into the room first thing in the morning to smell the pine as I open the curtains.

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