Thursday Doors

For this week’s Thursday Doors, I am going to feature just one door.

The building we are looking at is the Natural History Museum in Helsinki. It was built in 1913 to be a Russian boys’ school. After Finnish independence in 1917, it was used for army purposes and as a cadet school. In 1923 the University of Helsinki acquired the building and it became the Zoological Museum. Since 1996 it has served as the Natural History Museum.


What I love about this building is the two giraffes looking down from the balcony and the huge elk sculpture in front.


And now, the doors, don’t they seem to say: Welcome!


Have you visited this building in Helsinki? For an interesting story about the spiders there, read this article.

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21 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. Vierailtu on ja paikka on tosi kiva. Siellä vierähtää helposti tunti jos toinenkin. Ihanaa joulua sinulle ja läheisillesi. Nautitaan tästä ihanasta ajasta yhdessä läheisten kanssa <3.

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