2016 in review – seven top posts

This year has been Destination: everywhere’s first full year, as I started writing the blog at the end of 2015. In 2016, I have written a total of 213 posts. Here are the top seven of them. Check out the blog’s forgotten posts here.

1. This post seems to be trending on Google, as it gets the most hits from Google searches! I’m happy that my post has been assisting travellers wanting to make a trip to Tallinn (or the other way).

Helsinki to Tallinn – How to Guide

2. Now this one has got the most hits thanks to Visit Helsinki sharing it on their Facebook page – kudos for that! This is one must-see café for every tourist visiting Helsinki and it brings back many fond memories to those who have visited.

The Coolest Café in Helsinki – Café Regatta

3. Food and Tallinn go hand in hand. I owe thanks to Visit Tallinn for sharing.

Where to Eat and Drink in Tallinn

4. Tallinn’s Fabrik is such a cool restaurant that I’m happy many people have found the post. I hope many have been inspired to visit too!

Fabrik, Tallinn

5. We rented a boat in Cape Coral, FL and as I personally had difficulties finding information on things that would be good to know, so I decided to write a post about it to help others.

Boating in Cape Coral

6. My post on Espoo’s newest restaurant seems to interest many. Here again, I owe thanks, this time to Visit Espoo for sharing.

Lighting the Way – Nokkalan Majakka

7. Kiasma seems to interest many tourists and this post shows a fun side to modern art.

Fun at Kiasma

What I’m particularly happy about is that most of these posts are from Finland and Tallinn – as obviously these are the regions I have the most expertise on at the moment. I’m also pleased to have written posts that have been seen as worthy by the likes of Visit Espoo, Visit Helsinki and Visit Tallinn.

I hope that I will see you here again in 2017. Happy New Year and here’s to more adventures in 2017 for you and me alike!


17 thoughts on “2016 in review – seven top posts

      1. but I love the chicken leg lol 😀 I read it and at first thought I have inserted a chicken leg emoticon somewhere lol… happy new year, my dear Suvi, thanks for always keeping a big smile on my face when I read you 🙂

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  1. 213 posts, that’s amazing! I’m so impressed by your dedication to blogging and keeping it very personal which is so rare of blogs these days hehe. so glad that we actually met online when you first started this blog 😀 I’m sure 2017 would get even more exiciting for your blog, didn’t know it was just started last Dec. happy 2017 to you in advance Suvi! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Iris for your kind words! It was so fun that we met last year! I hope you make it back to the land of Sibelius one of these days. If not, we must meet in S’pore! Happy 2017 💕💕

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