Weekly Favourites

Wow time flies so fast, I can’t believe how quickly my blog break went. So much happened since my last Weekly Favourites post!

In January, we had a Great Gatsby themed party for one of my colleagues. We had dinner at Roster…


…and drinks at the Clarion Sky Room and partied on at Steam.


Hubby’s 42nd birthday was celebrated at home with a Tex-Mex buffet and mud cake.


Then, I had a night out with girlfriends with drinks at Latva and dinner at Lungi. The shrimp pasta was to die for!


We’ve had some awesome winter sunsets and on and off snow.


Hubby and I travelled to Germany for the boot Dusseldorf boat show. I was quite taken with the Dehler sailing boats. But the truth is that my heart beats for big motorboats.


We ate some schnitzels and drank German beer.


Explored Cologne..


..and Bonn.


My colleagues and I dipped in the freezing sea at the Culture Sauna in Merihaka, Helsinki. Unfortunately photographs were forbidden!


I had brunch with a dear friend at Café Bastvik in Espoo.


My goddaughter and I went to the movies to watch a Finnish children’s movie called Onneli and Anneli.


I travelled to Tallinn with hubby and son. We stayed at the Hilton – the spa area was dreamy! I love swimming pools.


In addition to all this, I walked in a snow blizzard for fun with a friend, celebrated my mom’s birthday together with our family, won tickets to the Helsinki boat show, finished watching The Crown, laughed a lot with my colleagues, read a bunch of books.. and the list goes on.. Last but not least – I also got my motivation back for blogging! Yay!

What have you been up to in the past month?



31 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Wow – that’s a serious month of activities! My own unofficial blog break has consisted of packing, moving, packing another place, moving, cleaning, packing … well, you get it, and it isn’t over yet! Hope to be back here full-time before another month goes by.

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  2. I went onto layoff on Feb 3 and have basically spent every day sleeping. I like sleeping.
    I’m trying to book a vacation outside the US but there are just soooo many options… and every website lists “double occupancy” prices so I have to figure in an extra few hundred for traveling single.

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    1. Maybe a Netflix marathon could be in the books for you then? I have finally had time to catch up on my shows, it’s quite addictive! I hope you find a good spot to vacation in the US or outside!

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      1. I can’t quite do Netflix marathons. Stranger Things is the only show I’ve ever binged. I’m currently watching “People vs OJ” but only 1 episode every couple days. I was heavily into stand up comedy specials but I think I’ve seen all the good ones now.

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        1. Hubby tried to get me to watch People vs OJ but I got bored by the end of the first episode. He said I missed out that it was excellent! I’m now watching Downton Abbey – how will I ever make it through all the seasons??

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          1. I’ve watched bits & pieces of Downton Abbey but it doesn’t pull me in so I haven’t had to worry about following the stories.
            Stranger Things hooked me so hard that I stayed up all night to binge watch the entire season. But for most shows, I can take it or leave it.

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  3. Well you have been a busy girl;) your food shot are wonderful, and now I’m hungry:) I’ve been in hibernation since I came home from Florida. But.. we have had amazing spring like weather for about a week, and I have awoken;) lol.

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    1. Haha, you should see what it’s like here! The Spring is teasing us with lovely sunshine but the snow keeps on falling, aaargh! Florida sounds amazing this time of year 😊

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  4. My, you have been busy. Welcome back. I watched The Crown a couple of months ago and loved it. I agree, Philip was appealing. 🙂 I spent a week in Cuba at the end of January for a photo workshop. Broke a toe while I was there. 🙂

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    1. Hehe, that’s mildly put 🤗 But I’m glad to be back, a break does a world of wonders. One starts to miss ones’ blogger friends! 💕 Glad to be back in touch this way. xx


  5. Monia huikeita kokemuksia sinulla on ollut. Olen itsekkin käynyt tuolla Düsseldorfin messuilla ja huikea tapahtuma oli. Minulla on kaksi viikkoa vielä töitä ja sitten lennetään perheen kanssa kahdeksi viikoksi Thaimaan lämpöön =). Ihanaa tulevaa viikonloppua!

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    1. Ooh ihanaa, niin mahtavaa, että on jotain mitä odottaa 💕 Helsingin messut on nopeasti koluttu Dusseldorfiin verrattuna, mutta nekin oli hauskat 😀 Oli kiva mennä voittamillani lipuilla 👍


    1. Exploring blogs is a lot of fun, one could go on for days 😀 It’s good to give yourself some time to relax now and then, good for you with your bout of sleep mode 👍 Thanks for visiting my blog!

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