Weekly Favourites

Happy Friday everyone! I have lots of restaurant recommendations for you both in Helsinki and Espoo in today’s post.

This week I welcomed back my hubby and son who’d been skiing in Chamonix, France. The weather had been great and the slopes awesome. In Finland if you go skiing in February, it can be dreadfully cold and it really isn’t the most pleasant experience. Imagine downhill skiing in -20 Celcius!! Chamonix sounded like what skiing should be like.


As the family was away (our daughter comes and goes, so that doesn’t count), I planned lots of things for myself, as not to get bored. On Thursday I went out with colleagues for dinner and drinks. We tried a new restaurant called Lönkka. We all loved our food and will be visiting soon for lunch, as it’s near our office.


We had drinks at what must’ve been the worst restaurant/bar in Helsinki. Do you know the feeling when you want to leave the minute you walk in but it’s too late? I didn’t think there was a bar like that in the center of Helsinki, but there is. The smell of grease followed us home in our clothes. It was just awful.


On Friday I went out again as my friend Nicholas and his hubby were visiting from London. Nicholas and I became friends when we attended the same confirmation camp 25 years ago!!!! In fact, it was an international camp in Keuruu with youth from all over the world who had different kinds of family links to Finland. Even though I’m not a religious person, the camp was an amazing experience. Nicholas and I lost touch for a bit at some point but met up again a year ago. On Friday we went for drinks at the hotel Clarion bar, Sky Room, and had dinner at Lungi. I’ve been to Lungi twice now and I’m still in love with it. It’s a casual neighbourhood restaurant with lovely food, I highly recommend a visit. I really enjoyed the evening, we had a lot of laughs.


On the weekend I had my goddaughter over for a sleepover. We went skating, did some coloring, watched an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, walked on the beach, had pizza (it was delicious) at Café Mellsten, went to the sauna, made pancakes, looked and found a new playground and watched a few cartoons. We also slept a lot, as I fell asleep at the same time as my goddaughter even though I was planning to do some ironing that evening.


On Sunday I met my mom and sorted out her computer and where she can take all her recyclable plastic. I’m very much into recycling these days! I recycle paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic. Once the cold passes, I’m finally going to sort out my compost for organic waste. Do you recycle?


This week I’ve been aqua jogging three times which I’m quite pleased about. The rain and awful weather hasn’t tempted me to go on any walks though, so that’s a minus.


Instead I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. I finally finished the second season of Broadchurch and now I hear that the third season is already on in England. I can’t wait to see it! I have also started watching Downton Abbey, it’s very addictive. I can’t believe I never watched it before.


I had a lovely lunch with my friend Laura at Cafferino Oba – the salads are to die for. Laura is such a positive person (even though she’d just broken her arm!) that one always feels great after meeting her.

I found Pho (Vietnamese soup) in Espoo at LN-Sushi Art – I certainly did not know they have it on the menu so it was a nice surprise. Pho is my favourite kind of soup.

This Saturday I will be working so unfortunately the weekend will be very short.


As I haven’t really taken any photos this week, these are from a wintery walk to the Matinkylä shoreline where I had coffee with my mom at Café Merenneito a while back. However, the skating photo is of my goddaughter.

What will you be doing this weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

    1. Heheh, well that’s the catch hey – you have to come up with things to do as the kids won’t occupy your time as much! And I tend to get bored easily, that’s why my calendar is always full 😅 Wishing u a great week Alexandra! 💕 xx


  1. It was nice that the snow conditions and weather were good for the trip to Chamonix. I haven’t been there but it’s somewhere my husband has wanted to visit for awhile. Sounds like you had a relaxing time on your own, more time viewing Netflix and less time preparing meals! Enjoy the upcoming weekend too!

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    1. Chamonix is also lovely in summer, as there are many brilliant hiking trails to choose from. Heheh yes you are right, less time preparing meals 👌 Have a lovely weekend xx

      Liked by 1 person

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