Weekly Favourites

What a week! Not so eventful but work-filled for sure.

Last Saturday I was involved in a skating event for families at Helsinki’s Ice Park. It was a success but lots of work too. My colleagues and I made a beeline for some sparkling wine after we were done.


After Saturday’s event, I’ve been too exhausted in the evenings to do anything exciting. Instead I finished a book – The Lost Girls by Heather Young. If you like family history, then it’s definitely something you should pick up. Now I have the ungrateful task of finding a new book to read. It seems to take me ages these days to decide which book is worth buying after I’m done with the Kindle sample.

I also wrote many blog posts which will be upcoming in the weeks to come.


Today I was supposed to go and see the movie Lion with a friend. Unfortunately I had accidentally reserved tickets for yesterday! And as today’s show time was after nine pm, we had to give it a miss. That’s just too late for a Friday evening at this age.

Instead, we went to eat at NA’AM KITCHEN. The food was so good, I’d love to go there for lunch one day. As I’ll be working again this weekend, we had to call it an early night.


How has your week been? Have you read any good books lately?

Wishing you a great weekend! ❤


15 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. love those shots of Helsinki from high up…
    and that food, omg… I love aubergine, I was hoping to try a new aubergine recipe this past week, with bulgur and chermoula souce… but never got to that… just as busy work-wise (and with some health issues which I hope are now in check)… hope you have a great weekend Suvi xoxo

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    1. Oh your aubergine recipe sounds divine. I have to say I hardly use aubergine, I should start looking into it and find some recipes. I hope your health is better now!! Hugs xx


  2. I totally understand your struggle with finding a new book after you have finished a very good one. Recently I read A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, and it was excellent! I would highly recommend it! I even bought two of his other books that I can’t wait to begin. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  3. That food looks so good, yummy! 😋
    I recently read ‘The girl on the train’ – it was really captivating, I went through the book in less than 24h. And a few days ago I finished reading ‘The Dip’ – it’s a book about when to quit and when to stick, small and easy to read. What types of books do you like?

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    1. Oh yes, The Girl on the Train sure was captivating! Hmm. The Dip sounds interesting, I’ll check it out. I like a wide range of books but what I can never get into are detective stories, I find them frightfully boring. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂


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