Thursday Doors

Bonn, being one of the oldest cities in Germany, has an impressive array of doors.

This door caught my eye because of the window above it and the interesting metal handle.


This wooden door is a gorgeous color.


Now this looks like a historical door that has seen many things over the years.


The door itself is quite boring but the relief above it is intriguing.


A door to a church perhaps?


Bonn is famous for being Beethoven’s birthplace. The door to the Beethoven house reminds me of the doors I have seen in Tallinn.


This is the same door as seen from inside the house.


The Beethoven house has more gorgeous doors in the courtyard.


The yellow discount poster makes this doorway to a perfume shop look a bit tacky.


Which door was your favourite? Do take part in Thursday Doors with your own post – check out how to join on Norm’s blog!

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35 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. It’s a great selection of doors – each of them interesting on their own. That makes choosing a favourite a tough call. My nod goes to the 2nd one. The window above the door, combined with the circular handle in the centre of the door, are winners for me.

    Beethoven’s birthplace though is pretty awesome 🙂

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  2. That first one must look even better when the vines have leaves and flowers! I like them all, although of course the “boring” door is the least interesting. But you’re right that the relief above, very Art Deco-ish, is fun.


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