Yyteri Beach

Last summer hubby and I visited Yyteri Beach in Pori on our mini roadtrip.

Yyteri is a unique beach for Finland, some say it’s the Riviera of Finland. I think that’s exaggerating quite a bit but as far as beaches go in Finland, it’s probably one of the best.


Over the years, I have noticed that I’m not one for sunbathing on the beach. It makes me feel lethargic. So what I’d rather do is walk on the beach and then, if it’s hot enough, I might take a dip in the sea.


The beach is six kilometres long which might not sound much but for Finland it’s unusual.  The sand is powdery and soft.


The beach is backed by sand dunes and forest. It’s actually really difficult to walk on sand dunes, as your feet just sink in. Thankfully they’ve made some wooden paths to make it easier.


I felt that the day was quite chilly and windy but it didn’t stop people from enjoying the sun. Haha – that’s Finns for you!


As it’s a windy beach, surfing is popular.


Fun fact – in 1965 the Rolling Stones had a gig here.


You can also find kiosks and restaurants for refreshments.


Now one thing you should know is that the beach has a unisex nudist section. When walking on the beach you will notice that you are getting closer as the crowds diminish. Otherwise there’s nothing there to indicate that it’s any different than the rest of the beach. Except the naked people of course, LOL!


Lifeguards on duty.


This beach is very shallow which makes it safe for families with children.


Summer, I hope to see you soon!


Have you been to Yyteri beach?

Where is your favourite beach?


22 thoughts on “Yyteri Beach

  1. It’s nice to see pictures of Finland that are not snow and ice only. How hot does it get in Finland during the summer? I can understand when the Finns sunbathe when the sun is out…I know I would if I live in Finland! 🙂

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  2. My favo beach…. beach of my hometown Oostende(Belgium) :). A beach I still remember…. Canelilo (close to Algorrobo, Chile).

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    1. How fun to have been able to visit Yyteri quite a bit. It’s too bad with the cold water we have in Finland. There was one summer a few years ago when even the sea was warm – that was an amazing experience!


  3. That looks like a lovely beach. I’m definitely a beach person. I think my favorite beach would be a beach called Joaquina, in my hometown. It’s nice waves and cold water makes it perfect for a day off during summer. I have a lot of fond memories there.

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  4. One of my favorite beaches I have been to Finland when I was studying there was Kalajoki! 🙂 I haven’t been to that many in Finland, just the beaches around Kokkola and I don’t remember if I visited some in Helsinki.. Pori beach looks like a nice beach! The sand looks soft. And I have heard that Pori is a beautiful town. So that’s a win-win situation 😀 What month did you visit? I can totally imagine it being chilly but Finns still sunbathing! 😀

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    1. We visited Yyteri at the end of July. But last summer was such a disappointment when it comes to weather. I still haven’t seen Kalajoki – I hear it’s amazing.

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