Kensington Palace

Kensington Gardens is one of my favourite parks in London. In addition to being a stunning park, it’s also home to the Kensington Palace.


For easy access to the palace, it’s a good idea to enter from the side of the High Street Kensington tube station.


You don’t have to be a Royal Family buff to enjoy the palace. The visit will concentrate on Queen Victoria.


Queen Victoria was born at Kensington Palace and grew up there, until she was summoned from her bed in 1837 to become Queen.


There is a marble statue in her memory in front of the palace overlooking the Broad Walk.


Inside, you can follow Queen Victoria’s life from her childhood to reign.


The tour is interesting and fun. Like this carpet with text on the stairs!


To avoid the crowds, make sure you go just before the palace opens.


At the time I was at the palace, there was an interesting exhibit on – Fashion Rules Restyled. I wrote a post about it a while back. Now Diana’s dress exhibition can be seen there till February 2018.


You mustn’t leave before a visit to the Sunken Garden. An arched arbour of red-twigged lime surrounds it.


The Sunken Garden is one of the most exquisite gardens I’ve ever seen. It was planted in 1908. The garden is at its best from April till October. This Spring and Summer the garden will temporarily transform into a White Garden. I wish I could be there to see it.


The beautiful garden and the Spring sunshine made me feel so happy!


As I was leaving, I saw a no photography sign on a gate. Oops.. no sign of Prince Harry this time!


To read of my first visit to the Kensington gardens and see it from the other side – go here and to learn of some of the statues in the park, go here.


12 thoughts on “Kensington Palace

  1. When I first visited Kensington I was so impressed! Your photos really capture the beauty of the place ❤ Also loving the new design to your blog! I'm also considering a blog revamp so you've given me some inspiration 🙂

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    1. Ooh lovely to hear! I was getting so bored of the macarons photo that I had to do something 🙂 First I tried to change the photo but it just wasn’t doing it – so a revamp it was!

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