In search of Chinese and Malaysian food in London

Finding authentic Chinese food in Finland is rather difficult. Malaysian food is even more scarse. On two previous visits to London, I enjoyed delicious Malaysian food at C&R Bayswater. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed for renovation when I was in London and as a result of the renovations, the whole concept of the restaurant sadly changed. But no fear – I still managed to find some good restaurants thanks to a dear friend who lived in London at the time of my visit.

The first restaurant we visited turned out to be my favourite. It was a Chinese restaurant called Sichuan Folk near Brick Lane. I noticed later that they even have Hotpot!


As there were only two of us, we could not order a whole tablefull of food. What a pity! But the dishes we did have were so good that my mouth waters when I think of them. Traditional boiled fish slice – it’s white fish in oil, laden with chillies. The other dish was bean curd with tofu skin. Soooo good. The dishes were big and we were very satisfied afterwards.


Dinner at Satay House in Paddington was also on the cards.


The restaurant is quite small, so a table reservation is recommended.


I can’t remember all the dishes names but there was satay, veggies, squid, chicken and lamb. Yum!


C&R’s Chinatown branch was on my list, as I was craving a Nasi Lemak.


Just looking at this pic makes my mouth water. I can’t say it was the best Nasi Lemak I’ve had but it helped my cravings quite a bit.


I spotted Gula Sago Melaka on the menu and couldn’t stop myself. It was divine. In case you have never heard of it – it’s chilled sago pearls with palm sugar syrup. So good.


Last but not least, we went to Yauatcha City at Broadgate Circle. Now the only thing that went wrong here was that the restaurant is famous for it’s dim sum and we had none!


The crispy duck salad, doesn’t this make you hungry?


My daughter visited London last December and she recommends Rasa Sayang in Chinatown for Malaysian and Singaporean dishes. I will have to go there next time! A visit to Hakkasan could be a treat too.

Do you have a favourite place for Chinese or Malaysian food in London?


22 thoughts on “In search of Chinese and Malaysian food in London

    1. I am still to find an authentic Chinese restaurant in Helsinki – even though there are many Chinese restaurants, they are far from the real thing. We also have many different cuisines but I am missing a proper Malaysian restaurant! Thank you for your visit 🙂


  1. The duck salad does look great! Is it Malaysian? Have you been to China? I’ve never seen raw lettuce served here unless it was at a western restaurant. They boil lettuce and add garlic and a bit of soy sauce (and possibly other things, cooking is very flexible here). One thing my husband taught me is how to make marinated salads from cucumber, baicai etc. It’s also very flexible, but some things we put in are vinegar, soy sauce and/or salt, chili sauce with fermented soy beans, sesame oil, ginger and garlic. We just cook the ginger, garlic and chili paste with a little oil on the stove, then pour that and the other ingredients over a chopped veggie. Also, if you want authentic Chinese food in other countries, try asking the cooks at a westernized Chinese restaurant to cook you whatever they’re having in the back. Sometimes you can get the real deal that way. 🙂 I’m glad you found a few spots you like!

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    1. No, the duck salad was from a fusion Chinese restaurant. I haven’t been to China but would love to go. The salads sound awesome, yum, I should try that – thanks for the tips! Nice to have you visit my blog ❤

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    1. I too love Thai food! There’s many Thai restaurants in Helsinki which are better than the Chinese restaurants. But of course nothing beats authentic Thai food eaten in Thailand 😀

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      1. Actually I didn’t want to eat there. I’m sure the food is delicious seeing so many Asians in there eating. But I didn’t travel a few thousand miles to London from Asia to eat the same food that I can get back here.

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