The 59th A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta

Sailing: the fine art of getting wet and becoming ill while slowly going nowhere at great expense.

Yes, that’s how sailing sometimes feels like, LOL!


Last summer we sailed in Estonia. At the same time there was a Regatta going on.


It was the 59th A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta, aka the Muhu Väin Regatt.


The boats sailed Pärnu – Kihnu – Haapsalu – Kärdla – Tallinn.


We happened to be at our own boat just when the regatta started arriving in Haapsalu.


Later, our paths crossed again in Tallinn.


It was exciting watching all the boats and the commotion.




The sailors looked exhausted and hungry.


However, this dog looked like he was ready to roll!


Have you ever been sailing in Estonia?


15 thoughts on “The 59th A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta

  1. Cute dog! Never been sailing in Estonia (or Finland for that matter!) Must’ve been fun arriving in the middle of a regatta. – By the way, totally off-topic, do you happen to know of any events for bloggers in the Helsinki region? Google searches don’t really help. It would be interesting to attend a blogging conference or something, but I guess this isn’t a very happening region of the world… unless you’re invited to Matkamessut or affiliated with the big media houses… hmm?? You seem to always be up to speed on everything so I thought you might know! 😉

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    1. Do you mean something like Ping Helsinki? Tickets cost a hefty 650€++ but I have understood that the most known bloggers get invites. I guess if you are not part of Rantapallo, Blogirinki and whatever, then there really isn’t anything.. I once got free tickets to Matkamessut but it didn’t include any blogger meetups. I felt obligated to post photos from the fair which made me uncomfortable even tho no-one said I had to. Let me know if you find something interesting! 😎

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      1. Hmm yes, I guess I’d be interested in any kind of interaction. In the US, apparently, there are informal meetups and conferences with guest speakers and lots of different activities.
        According to the internet, Blogirinki doesn’t exist anymore(?)… Ping’s website is too hectic to get a grasp on what’s on offer that’s worth that much money! I’ll let you know if I find something! 😊 Not holding my breath though!! Thanks, Suvi!

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        1. Haha that shows how up to speed I am on the Finnish blogging scene. The US activities sound interesting. To me, the Finnish blogging community seems quite commercialized and inward. But what do I know as I’m not part of the inner circle 😂😂

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  2. It’s nearly sailing time here on the Chesapeake Bay. My own little sailboat awaits its sails and lines. Soon but not soon enough. Your photos made me quite eager to see the season begin. Thanks.

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