Bikes in Cambridge

When you visit Cambridge, you will be sure to notice all the bikes whizzing past. A tell-tale clue that there are many students about. Looking through my photos from last May, I noticed I’d captured bikes all over the place. Here are a few picks.







Have you been to Cambridge?

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15 thoughts on “Bikes in Cambridge

  1. Ooh yeah lots of bicycles! No, I have yet to travel to Cambridge. I wonder, do they have more bikes in Cambridge than Amsterdam or Copenhagen?

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    1. Probably an equal amount of bikes 🙂 Biking is not such a big thing in Finland. But now we have these city bikes you can rent all over the city. I haven’t tried them yet!

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  2. Never been, but Guangzhou, China recently started having bike services where companies put their bikes in public places and people can scan WR codes and use them for one yuan or five mao an hour. In the last few months it went from being a completely new idea to having about a dozen different companies’ bikes everywhere! Craziness! I’ll have to take some pics to show you. 🙂

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    1. I know, I hope to catch them this year in Helsinki! Last year the blossoms had already fallen off when I would’ve had the time to visit the park in Helsinki.

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