The Old Cemetery of Haapsalu

Those of you who read my Highgate Cemetery post or spotted Captiva’s Historic Cemetery in one of my Florida posts, know that I like to seek out cemeteries on my travels.


Last summer, when in Estonia’s seaside town Haapsalu, I found an old cemetery for a little stroll.


Apparently in 1773, the lady of the Uuemõisa Manor – Mrs Barbara von Richter – donated a piece of land for the use of the Haapsalu Lutheran church.


The donated plot was located in a field far from the buildings of the town of Haapsalu.


The cemetery was built on this field on August 6th, 1773.


Later, in the 19th – 20th century, the fields between the cemetery and the town were divided into plots for housing.


Compared to London’s Highgate, this cemetery is quite unpretentious.


It was very peaceful – there wasn’t anyone around.


An Estonian poet and writer, Ernst Enno (1875-1934), is buried here but I did not spot his grave.


These graves seem to be quite tiny and closer inspection tells you that they are for babies.


As I was leaving, I spotted some beetles going about their day.


Do you like visiting cemeteries?


13 thoughts on “The Old Cemetery of Haapsalu

  1. I am very glad that You visited cemeteries. Cemeteries tell history and offer incredible beautiful art. My favorite cemetery is in Paris – Père-Lachaise. I have been there thrice and every time it offers surprises. In Finland we have everywhere beautiful and well-kept cemeteries which are worth for a visit.

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    1. Ooh Paris cemeteries are on my list. During my last visit to the city I didn’t have the time to visit any even though I’d marked them on the map.


    1. Sounds exciting! In Cologne I found an interesting cemetery but when I got there I was greeted by a man who was closing up. I didn’t have time to go back on an other day, so that was that… Too bad!

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  2. I always try to visit local cemeteries when traveling. Somehow I feel like those are so atmospheric places and tell different stories about the local culture. I loved the photos you had taken! 🙂

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