Weekly Favourites

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’ve been having relaxing days with many Easter eggs.

Since the last Weekly Favourites post, I’ve turned 41. I hosted a brunch for family to celebrate our son’s 13th birthday and mine. I was happy to get some tulips – they are the best part of Spring!


I’m not really a fan of cooking these days but I love organizing brunches. I’ve now made this to-die-for goat’s cheese pie for two of my brunches and everyone loves it, here’s the recipe (unfortunately only in Finnish).


I also tried making Rocky Road for the first time (divine!) and found a new recipe for a cake too. The cake looked cute but it wasn’t so good that I’d make it again.


On the same weekend my mom and I visited the Garden Fair at Messukeskus.


I thought I would find many garden contractors (we need one to rebuild our garden) there but boy was I wrong! I managed to find two of which one I’d already contacted. Nevertheless, we had a fun few hours looking at the flowers and other garden related stuff.


We’re going through a cold patch again here in Finland – there even was a proper snowfall. Not something I want to see happening in April!


Last Thursday at work we said goodbye to a colleague as she started her maternity leave. In Finland moms start their maternity leave one month before the baby is born. We had macarons to celebrate – I’d forgotten how much I love macarons.

After work I had a meetup with two of my former colleagues. We had sushi at Matinkylä’s Ln-Sushi Art and frappes at Espresso House. The mall where we met, Iso Omena, is opening the second phase to their restaurant world called M.E.E.T. this week – after that I will be able to get dim sum and ramen easily nearby our house, yay!

Easter has meant a few days of holiday from work which has been awesome. Although this time it has meant tackling all kinds of chores that we’ve just been to busy to take care of. I am now starting to realize that having a garden means lots of physical labour! Not that I’m complaining, it’s great to find out I have muscles after all. You do feel quite comical when raking leaves and at the same time snow falls to the ground.

Last weekend hubby and I went on a mini-break to check out the Clarion Hotel Helsinki. The hotel has an outdoor rooftop pool which people have been buzzing about and I was eager to check it out. Below you can see it on the left side of the building, the little part jutting out.


The views from the hotel are great – the rooftop bar is a good place to catch those if you are not a guest at the hotel. As you can see, the pool isn’t that big. It’s a good idea to have a hat in winter, as even thought the water is warm, the air outside is freezing.


I give the hotel 3,5 stars. The rooms are so tiny that there really isn’t anywhere to put your winter coats (or your bathrobes for that matter). I hope they are planning to put a coat rack in each room – as this really is inconvenient for a place like Finland!


In the evening, hubby and I had dinner at Taqueria el Rey. I adore their cactus tacos!


Afterwards we went for some wine and cheese at Bas-Bas’ wine bar. I tried two different kinds of unfiltered wines which at first tasted quite interesting but in the end not so good. I don’t think I am a fan of unfiltered wines at all.


How are you? What have you been doing for Easter? Let me know in the comments below!


13 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites

  1. Great post! I’ve been admiring the sand beach boat lately, hehee, the one you pictured 😊 How fun that finally new concepts like this are arriving in Helsinki – or not exactly new in a global sense but new for Finland! When I first heard they were building a rooftop pool at the Clarion, I immediately thought I’d love to visit it. How disappointed I was to learn you had to be a hotel guest! I’d imagined that you could pay an entrance fee of say 10 euros, like in the big cities of the world. I would’ve been a summer regular. But oh well, that didn’t happen! Seeing your review, maybe I now understand it better, if the pool is quite small…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read somewhere that the white sand boat will have an open house during Vappu! 😀 Unfortunately the pool could never accommodate outside guests. The sauna and shower facilities were tiny too. But hey, Allas Sea Pool will be open again in May! You should’ve seen the breakfast at Clarion, I can’t remember​ the last time I was at such a busy hotel brekkie. They were quick to clean up and bring new stuff when something ran out, so that worked well nevertheless👍

      Liked by 1 person

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