Haapsalu Railway Station

Haapsalu’s gorgeous railway station is fit for a Tzar. And of course it is, as it was built with the Tzar and his family in mind. The resort town of Haapsalu was, after all, one of their favourite summer spots.


No trains run on the railway tracks any longer. These days the tracks act as a 50 km biking route.


The building itself is stunning. I loved looking around and imagining what it must’ve been like back in the day.


I adore decorative tiles like this!


Inside, you can find a small museum – the Railway and Communications Museum.


There were many interesting things to look at there.


The first passanger train arrived in 1905 and the last left in 1995.


I would imagine this is where people waited for the trains.


One of my favourite movies – The Fencer (Miekkailija) – had some scenes which had been filmed here.


I only noticed afterwards that I hadn’t taken taken any photos of the trains which is a pity as I’m sure there were some interesting ones there, especially for railway buffs!


The platfom is 216,3 meters long.


Have you found any interesting train stations around the world?

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17 thoughts on “Haapsalu Railway Station

  1. A beautiful railway station with something interesting to see makes the wait time pass more quickly and pleasantly. The floor tiles are beautiful. New railway stations today do not seem to have the money spent on them to make them as beautiful as old stations so for that reason I’d nominate Loughborough on the Great Central Railway as a lovely heritage station and St Pancras as a great modern station.

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  2. My husband and I were just last week in Seattle and Portland and both of these cities are pretty interesting. Sadly I couldn’t get any pictures of either of them because we we’re trying not to get lost.

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