A Secret Garden

Wandering around Cambridge on my own one evening, I happened to spot a small garden behind a church. As the trees and flowers seemed to be in an almost wild state I wondered if I’d found a secret garden.

Alas, it was not. The garden is part of the church grounds of Little Saint Mary’s Parish.


It may not be secret but there is something very magical about Little St Mary’s garden. Small paths will tempt you to walk further.


You can still find headstones from the early 19th century, as the grounds were part of the ancient churchyard.


For someone who knows their plants, the garden is a treasure – so many different shrubs, roses and perennials can be found there.


It was early May when I visited and the garden was so green and dense – spring was only just beginning back home in Finland.


I can just imagine myself in this oasis on a summer’s day – with a book, on this bench.


Do you remember the novel The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett? I have always been fascinated by it.


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