Evanescent Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday I made my way to the Roihuvuori neighbourhood to catch a glimpse of the evanescent cherry blossoms at the Kirsikkapuisto (Cherry Park). There’s not many places to see sakura in Helsinki and if you are not quick to go when the flowers have bloomed, you might miss the whole event!


The park was opened in 2007 and 150 trees were planted over the years. What makes the park special is that the trees were donations from Japanese citizens living in Finland and Japanese businesses operating here.


Every year, a Hanami celebration is arranged in this park. People dress up and have picnics under the trees. This year the party had to be pushed back by a week, as Spring was so cold that the cherry blossoms were terribly late.


I am wondering if the spring temperatures (ie. is it a cold or warm spring) affect the color of the flowers? If you know, do enlighten me in the comments below. I heard someone say that half the flowers had already dropped and thus my photos do not show the sakura in all its’ glory.


When leaving the park, I took a moment to admire the Taekwondo practice going on.


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8 thoughts on “Evanescent Cherry Blossoms

    1. I’ve been wanting to go for so long too! Truthfully, I guess I was a bit disappointed with the park. I was expecting something more from all the photos I’ve seen online…

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  1. I absolutely love Cherry Blossoms!!! There’s definitely a period in which they are at peak bloom, so after that they start to look less pink/flowery and more green/leafy. But that just captures the term evanescent so much more! ❤

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  2. Hi Suvi.

    Great post and wonderful photos. Thank You. We visited there on Sunday and my post comes much later, because my newest post (Hobbyhorses) was published recently.

    Happy upcoming weekend. Matti.

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