Midsummer on Stora Herrö Island

Amazingly it’s Midsummer again! Midsummer is quite a big thing in Finland – most people leave the cities and head for the countryside. Helsinki resembles the world in Walking Dead – not a soul in sight. This year Spring was awfully cold in Finland but here’s hoping the Midsummer weekend gives us a surprise.


Last year we sailed to Stora Herrö island for Midsummer. We ended up staying a couple of nights.


The island is lovely to walk around.


Follow the paths and you won’t get lost.


Wild flowers. Legend tells us that if an unmarried woman collects seven different flowers and puts them under her pillow, she will dream of her future husband on Midsummer night.


The sea views are breathtaking.


I’m quite sure the blueberries aren’t this far along this year.


There’s also a bird tower which is worth visiting for the views.


Unfortunately it was a bit foggy when we climbed up.


Celebratory flags are hoisted up on sailing boats for Midsummer.


In Northern Finland, the sun doesn’t set all night.


In the South, you can expect total darkness after 11 pm.


The sun will rise again before 4 am.


You might spot bonfires by lakes and the sea in the evening of Midsummer’s Eve.


Many Finns start their summer holidays at Midsummer. However, I will still be working for one week – I so look forward to July!


Watch this video to get an idea of Finnish Midsummer:

Do you celebrate Midsummer?

Happy Midsummer to all!


16 thoughts on “Midsummer on Stora Herrö Island

  1. Happy Midsummer! Beautiful sunset and looks like a day well spent on Stora Herro Island. It’s amazing how long your days are – sun not going down until after 11pm and rising before 4am. Wish we had that here in Australia! Looks like lovely views all round. Have fun and enjoy 😀

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    1. Must say our summers are very special. But then in winter we are engulfed in darkness. Last weekend we went to a Guns n Roses gig and even though they played past midnight, it never got totally dark 🙂 Too bad for their fireworks display!

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  2. Looks like a great place to spend a weekend! But to be honest, these days Helsinki is far from being an empty city during the midsummer weekend. Yesterday the city centre was very lively with lots of people on the move and music in every street corner. We had a fantastic Midsummer Eve in Helsinki!

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    1. It’s good to hear that Helsinki is happening during the midsummer weekends! But if you venture to areas where there’s no restaurants, you will surely find it’s very quiet. 🙂

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